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I might not be an expert at addiction and recovery, but I understand what the stigma feels like to be treated as though there is something wrong with you or defective, and sometimes it can be the case that your personality changes, you experience physical withdrawal, or experience other emotional and mental disturbances in life, that’s using substances to feel good which is not the solution to get going again, it does the exact opposite, causes you to freeze, be stuck in thought with nothing processing, or thinking without solution, and that’s being in your own head, and that’s not the solution to overcome any addiction, thinking alone, and trying to figure out whats wrong with you on your own, that’s what recovery programs are for, so if it’s a mental health issue (bipolar: voices), or a physical health issue (not feeling good alone, or feeling scared), that’s a matter of who you connect with, either improve or feel worse, which is why people who are labeled addicts (that is someone obsessed with a feeling, and thinks to achieve a feeling through the use of a stimulant to feel good is made to feel worse). If you are identified as not feeling good, then it cannot be a pill, a person, a website, a program, that will make you feel good, it will be about getting your independence back, and not rely on things to go wrong, for you to notice if there is something wrong with you, that’s the worst, being told there is something wrong with you. Be comfortable talking about what your going through, the order or realization is as follows: (1) upset (2) pain/hurt (3) awake (4) not feeling good (5) not knowing why (6) then waiting on a stimulus which is bipolar (going by others, or assuming to find out whats wrong through others). Whats wrong can be found within, the more you rely on others, the more your expressions become about what they think, and not what you are presently thinking, that’s being read as addict, then what is expected is for behaviors or discussions to fit within the realm of the diagnosis sought: (1) disorganization (2) voices (3) pill consumption (4) self-harm (5) writing style (6) pressure/wellness (7) improvement (8) immaturity/humor/physical illness. So those are all signs that something is hitting you, and no that’s not always coming from others, it will be something that you have said, been through, or described, and if you are not feeling well and others are feeling good, then you will be blamed for not feeling good, and that is what causes anger in others upon looking at you, knowing you, or seeing you, when you are not well, thinking that you have wasted: (1) your talent (2) your smarts (3) your reputation (4) your future, by something seeking something in life, that you can do better than settling down with anyone, who would rather make your fears a reality to see how you cope, to reinforce something said in response to you without proof, cause for a reaction, they assume to be a reaction based upon guilt, whos interests are being protected when you respond to something that you think is inappropriate, and how in exchange for you doing well, is another represented by you as you were well, and how should someone feel entitled to hurting you, if you don’t feel good, so that’s someone expecting someone stronger, to have planned or figured out what to do in the event of devastation.

What Happens to Your Reputation in the Event You Get in Trouble?

  • You don’t feel good.
  • You get blamed.
  • Others feel justified in not liking you. (Thinking that bothers you, felt).
  • If you get hurt treated as though its your fault.
  • Anyone thinking youre worse than you are, before you get sick, damaged.
  • Pain occurs before anyone realizes your hurt.
  • You get attacked (not in a friendly way, in an intrusive way, limits tested).
  • If you love someone, viewed as an opportunist, bettered by status of people.
  • If you are not liked another feels used, treats you as benefiting from them.

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