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Motion for World Peace …

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Motion for World Peace

Submitted 05-30-21

Written: 05-30-21 @ 11:27 pm


Its not possible to do anything for a result, not unless you can be relied upon, and that’s where trust generally lies, within someone who has the capability of making others feel better, whether that’s through provided reassurances, or through a demonstrated effort past or present, that is not found offensive to most. What does the word “denounce” mean recently used by China in the news, Im sure its not to commemorate, and loss of respect for any woman in particular, and if its me put under “unwanted pressure,” then it would be me, that is being put under a “real,” and partially fabricated pressure created under the direction of threat, treat as an insensitive contribution to a viewpoint of the overall factors contributing to the fears instilled upon those who seek success, and to represent others well, versus those who appear to be in it for the wrong reasons, to be important, or to sound important, or to share anything, whether by anothers representation of by their own doing, allow for anyone upon viewing to make a connection between stories through an inference of similarly, whether existing or not for good reason. It will be by “lack of sensitivity,” to an issue, that respect is loss, it will also be by to what effect anyone has had on you in life, that a respect is lost, in favor of another, who they deem to have represented what is to be respected, not to be inferred as for insult, or competition, and whatever that later becomes the source of a trigger, or recollection of something past said, will be something you have said preyed upon, for an intended result, to disfavor your interests in the favor of the majority, women, or men who wish to be loved by women. I don’t think that liking anyone has the capability of causing one to not be loved, I do think what you invest your heart into matters, whether that be in writing, or by photography, kept, and its what you are connected to that later affects you, a feeling that’s gone, such as a writing amended or deleted, much like a person from your life, you can feel it, even if you don’t know what it is, and that maybe is the first lesson you have in connecting with people, the feeling of being with others, and the feeling of being apart from others, the feeling of connecting with others, and the disconnect that occurs, upon separation, from something of value to you, that can no longer be found, and that will be your first experience in the value of property, hopefully not in a way that what is of value cannot be replaced or repaired, and that’s how you later come to understand the value of the dollar, why money is invested in property and people of value, who are worth keeping, and that they are invested in because there is an interest in keeping something of value existing, not only does it provide everything that is required to protect and maintain the health of its inhabitants. This you later realize, in life, what money is for, and why its hard to earn. I don’t think any amount of unwanted attention, can protect you from harm, not unless you subject yourself to harm, without first realizing the purpose for investment into your health and future prospects, which only happen for you, so long as you stay well, and maybe upon illness is when you first recognize the importance of staying well, and while you may not yet have achieved important places in society whether that be through job or socialization, if its something you have in life, its not something you seek, and if its something within you, its something you have, and if its something you’ve earned, then hopefully its not something that can be lost, such as intelligence. This is currently my fear, that one day I will not overcome mental illness, and one day I will be made to feel hurt by something said, and that I will not overcome those feelings of shame, or that I will say something wrong, and that it will be misunderstood as though I not affected by losses, by those who hold famous positions in society. There is nothing new about me, its only that Ive been in school and because that transition was prolonged, I never got to experience a social life, romance, marriage, or job, and career, and while blogging may have provided a temporary space to achieve all those feelings that one has when in a job, with things to do and think about, that also doesn’t mean that I can also get sick, or burnt out, if focused on the wrong things in life. So while my story may not change, that doesn’t mean that I come out the stronger person everytime, at some point I will be wrong, and maybe not on time, so that makes it not of issue whats shared in private versus whats shared in public, I have never spoken in an emergent way, not due to any loss I have suffered from, but I have always done everything I can to make people feel included, to say what I feel or what I think, and have never required anyone to care about me past the point of non-acceptance, that’s something you cant change, someone who does not understand you, does not think well of you, does not see a good future for you, or who cant help you, and that much you later come to understand, as more opportunities arise, and for every opportunity lost, that’s a lesson, to not allow, for you to get hurt or for anyone new into your life to be hurt or disappointed, when you were stupid, or nice, or talkative, and did not expect the worst, that I don’t think anyone should have the power to, end your life, no matter whether a diagnosis is forced, pushed, or to mislabel you as “schizophrenic” meaning that you have things wrong, are disorganized, and that’s how you end up being treated, to allow for others to hurt you, as though in your disorganized state, you have ever said anything to cause anyone else to question their own intelligence, or smarts. I started with nothing. No directions, no speeches, no requirements, no reassurances, and its by improving life either becomes more or less difficult. Although I take meds, that doesn’t mean that Im immune from controversy, and its by education that more is expected of you, so if ever anything is said in short, that may be the simplest way for anyone to write you off as not caring, and by then it will be too late, if you muster up enough courage, to speak in an intelligent way, no matter what is bothering you or others, be honest. 

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