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Sometimes I think the message gets lost or the tone, am always doing my best to be clear spoken and clear headed and share exactly where I’m at in life in writing, physical health updates, and mental health issues via CBT thought diary. I think for a time it was okay to speak my mind and take on a leadership role when it comes to positive thinking (away from crimes as they are happening) and avoid negative thinking (trying to solve crimes by blaming each-other pointing figures and blaming conditions of mental health stamina or stability for answers when it comes to why crimes occur or for what reasons). I think you have to be very careful online as a blogger, I know if it affects me I write about it. I think the scary part for others to digest is when someone is made fun of or when someone’s identity is used to promote or think is derived from the point of making fun of someone is not true about companies like Snapchat and Medium who existed before I existed online as a blogger therefore where not made with the pun or point intended of making fun of me for who I am or what I look like or sound like online I was not well known, famous, or taken seriously as a blogger at the time those companies were launched. So that’s the stiff hand at life.

Wrote on WH website before shooting (2008).

Attempted suicide (February 2009).

5150 Hold > TMS for Depression (2011-2012)

I got voices (Jan 2017) hospitalized 14 days.

Texted Adele on Instagram (2017) Before Vegas.

Fires > Wrote Books (2017-2018)

Worked in Film (2018)

Talked to Ari Emanuel (2019)

Started Promoting my Website Alexa (2019-2020)

Graduated from Law School (2020)

Started working again (2020)

Texted Todd Spitzer (March 2021) Before OC.

Diagnosed with Schizophrenia (2021)

It seems like based on my timeline I’m being questioned for what reasons I was ever hospitalized whether in connection to incidences or because of incidences, no I was not, I had been hospitalized (February 2009) for a suicide attempt before attending law school so that was my first bipolar episode when I felt like people were communicating to me and then reporting it online on Facebook. I think depending on what you’re focusing on like most people you expect to get the answers to what you are thinking about or what’s not clear and not everyone will be your Jesus in life someone you can look at or overseas over and then get a clear head from. My struggles with mental health issues have been very traumatic for me hospitalized, not all hospitals are nice places to stay and usually grouped among people you don’t see yourself as think you are better than where you are and that’s hospitalization it’s to stabilize you so that you can function in the world at ease, it’s a chemical imbalance. I think later on Instagram it became an exploration of how Leslie interprets crime and how she chooses to respond to crime or not to respond to it and what she sounds like moving forward when things are good and especially interested in what I sound like when things are bad or there is a nervous quiet that needs to be filled a stepping stone from which to move forward again in life. I think what’s occurring on social media is beautiful people working together and for eachother in life which can mirror bad associations and criminal conduct which becomes a war over interpretations committing crimes to communicate messages or committing crimes to injure existing systems of communication and that’s how people get hurt. I don’t identify with criminals I identify with law enforcement, strong women, and men who read books and are patient that’s who I mentally do best with people who have a tolerance for the big ideas and when they look at me don’t see me as small minded or misled or going off of others that’s when you’re innocent.

When you’re innocent you’re not too busy wasting time going off of what others think do or say (which is a criminal complex of mentalities) and should not be used in the general course of discussions about life in general without citation or reference. I think things are most difficult when there is no system of communication and I think things get hectic and hurtful when a system of communication does not benefit when something wrong occurs.

How do you improve post wrongs? I think it’s an incredibly experimental period in life where people are more focused on being strong off eachother, if anything making fun of the downfalls of companies and people who were millionaires and then lost everything. I think that’s a positive for people to have a sense of community over rights and wrongs and for those wrongs to be well known to comprehend and understand the downfalls of people in life. I don’t think my downfall is sex and dating I think it’s medication and being overweight which causes depression, insecurity, and low self-esteem. I think writing gives me the confidence I need in life to get jobs and be out in the world without fear over what is thought of me I know what life I lead I know I do an excellent job getting help, checking in (with #scotus and DC 2013), and moving forward (going back to law school and graduating). I think that makes me an incredibly strong person!

Most people post disability file for social security and don’t work, at least I’m working. Most women who get raped or abused don’t date again (I started dating again). And most people who drink are mentally ill, and I’m not I got my smarts back by going back to law school.

It’s not your thinking about crime that is dumb, and it’s not your disinterest in me that’s to blame for not having compassion for someone who you don’t empathize with or think is to blame or has guilt I know I’m not guilty and do my best to figure out what needs to get done to prevent crime, etc, and do my part online like everyone else, redirect attentions, redirect focus, and get people going on an even playing field again with respect for one another’s grievances in life separate.

It’s only complicated physically because I’m alone and don’t have an attorney or legal job to get advice from or interpretation from others. I think based on society growth, prevention of drug related deaths, untimely losses of friends and family members, political jargon makes sense now, and the fact that we can now follow eachother online and get input at the press of a button makes sense and what is so great about the internet and social media it connects you to life when you have questions chances are someone online is talking about what you have questions about and can get some perspective on life that it’s not only you going through it, daily struggles are a real thing with mental health issues, and there are failures along the way not all of it is your fault and with greater preparation and connection in life you can improve (you might have to call the police a lot and have many emergencies with fires and shootings going on and suicide deaths in news from well known families) but that doesn’t mean that you have to stay sick, or get sick, or be questioned as though you have the power and are not utilizing your powers to help save others if you are not famous and well known viewed highly by all in order to be a trusted source of forgiveness and dose of reality that life can be tough physically and mentally but you can recover just like alcoholics people with mental health issues can function again and go back to the work force.

I think mental health issues for people without serious conditions on meds are more about not wanting to be affected by major problems or the minor problems of others that hurts mentally when you head something you don’t want to hear or see something you don’t want to hear, so that’s not my personality anymore provocation (I think for sex everyone who has sex and has to get naked for sex knows the experience well enough not to judge people for their sexuality, is low).

And when it comes to crime it’s mentally exhausting to be affected by crimes when people associate terminology or happenings to a famous incident of crime and that’s not my life repeated as it was I’ve changed and that’s not the type of thinking or life I preach to others online. I write new everyday I learned this on Twitter you can’t write the same thing twice and be published and that’s where I learned how to be a published author online as a blogger starting with a word count and really focusing on what I was saying and making sure that what I was saying was helpful and beneficial to others in moving forward. So that’s all that I have to share tonight on the topic of my story, American history, and what has gone on in my life in a timeline in terms of when bad things are occurring where I’m at in life and what I’m doing with my life, and now we have me online for assessment, which subjects me to harm to them cause me harm to make me sick like my Instagram caption are directions for causing me sickness by humiliation and embarrassment expose me what do you want to know? Take it to court and ask them what happened and stop attacking me and my condition for answers to your problems and the weather why things happen. That’s not my job to tell you what caused sickness or what causes crime and that’s not my job as someone with mental health issues to be judged in the negative as though I have not done my very best to address crime and do my part online to help everyone not to commit crimes, not to attack companies, not to attack people, and not to cause sickness that only makes things worse when things don’t feel good when they’re supposed to feel good, when things are well and you are supposed to enjoy the moment, that’s life. That’s how life used to be.

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