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Need to take a break from blogging, limit posting to once a week if I have time to. I think being myself and speaking openly in a positive way is great when I’m doing well but not if I fall off balance or get sick from bullying and harassment. I’m going through a lot recently being heckled and made fun of online by someone I used to talk to online who I don’t know in real life. I never expected to be hurt by anyone I’ve met online. The goal is to get well, stay well, share progress, and helpful tips and advice on the basis of what I’ve been able to overcome in life and get through on my own and how. I think at this time since things are going well for me it’s better to not subject myself to getting hurt with that known about me: dating and going back to work. I’m focused on staying well, taking good care of myself, and not subject myself to harm or my family which seems to be the present risk with someone going through my phone and online accounts retrieving family photos without my permission. I don’t want anyone to go through my things and publish photos without my permission. Especially not anyone who doesn’t respect my privacy and risk to my health in doing so making me feel violated, paranoid, and sick. My life is not for public display why I don’t share photos of friends and family online. I’m not famous I’m not a reality TV show I don’t feel good without special protections by bodyguard or law enforcement online so please respect my privacy and not subject me to criminals or offenders. I don’t want to be shot or killed because someone dangerous knows where I live to follow me and kill me on the basis of what someone else has said about me to make someone not respect me. That’s the risk to my safety. I was nice enough to speak to all online and share my life. I don’t wish to be harmed by counter negative commentary on who I am or how I lead my life. I lead a safe and private life I don’t go out and I don’t drink or do drugs. Why it’s important for me to keep a clean image online and to speak professionally online and not engage in any type of fighting with anyone online, especially not on some personal basis at my own expense. If you have a problem with me take it to court, but don’t be disrespectful and put hits out on me online for me to be attacked by anyone for no reason. I present my best work online stop treating me poorly on the basis of my mental health issues or medications are none of your business to criticize me for.

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