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What You Represent …

In order to be a positive role model to others, you have to live and breathe the words that you speak, and also represent the person that you present online to others, in your reality. There is always the risk of being caught up in an alternate universe, or reality established by falsehoods, or poor descriptions of you, and that can only lead others to be carried away in life resentful of you, rather than appreciate you as a human being doing your part, and doing your best to stay positive in spite of crime. You are the jobs that you hold, those are your work experiences in life, that teach you how to interact with others, and that later becomes the basis for others coming to accept you in life or judge you for that matter. You work experiences in life represent your cares in life, those are the gears for your decision making processes what matters to you, and what comes to mind in terms of the issues that you or others face in life, wither relating to you, or expecting from you something stated that relates to their concerns based upon what your work experiences are. Ever since I have started applying for jobs, crime has occurred, 2018, and 2022, working in film, then working in Pasadena, and now working at a Magazine, and for a Construction company, work that hasn’t started yet. I have dedicated the past 5 years to blogging, building and developing a website, learning how to get likes, and copyright privileges, and have even learned how to write and edit a book. When you can’t get a job, you focus on what your strengths are “writing,” or it could be exercise “running,” and you focus on what you are good at in that time you are away from what you are supposed to be doing in life working. I think having disability prolonged the process of getting a job and moving forward in life, and because I have had fewer work experiences and trainings, I had to work online blogging and writing and learn as I go, in addition to taking courses to help teach me skills in how to talk and interact with others online, while working on myself and improving on my own skills in writing and how I communicate to others. And maybe that’s whats not clear, why Im popular, how that happened, and what is expected of me, and what people get out of reading my writing, to what benefit to them. The only benefit I see someone getting out of my writing, is to see something for themselves, and then be able to improve their lives, on the basis of what they feel able to accomplish in life, and sometimes that’s best understood seeing someone else go through the motions in life. I’ve taken every precaution to work with law enforcement and DA and talk through my concerns in life, even Brady recently, what to do about being defamed, as a member of their organization, and how that makes me look to be made fun of and bullied online. Telling them on 04/10/22 Sunday on Instagram messages “Will be on my blog my audience sees if they send bad energy back to me means whos not looking will go by their energy toward me negative how a bad incident occurs that matches.” I think it communicates the wrong message to someone who is able to cause harm to others, perceiving me to be on a losing team in life, and then motivate them to hurt me, by misidentifying me and allow for criminals to attack me or others on the principle of disrespect. No one is treating the Kardashians this way, why are they treating me in that way, with the same association to the same family. When everyone is okay with you, which is what my stats represent, that’s a deterrent to a latecomer, who if they stumble upon my blog, become unmotivated to hurt me or others, because there is no incentive for them to cause harm, if these ideas are ideas that make people feel good, feel apart of, and not want to disturb that process, curious to think more themselves. Its in anger that people go into action, and make drastic decisions for themselves or others, in hostility, and in a hurry, trying to make changes, or cut people from teams and from their lives, when they don’t agree with something. So what this person is doing to me, is hurting me, then watching crime happen, and then contacting me by email trying to be nice to me, and wanting a response from me, to see what I sound like after a tragedy such as in Florida, Hancock Park, and now New York. Then if the times are tense, then why hurt me, to see how I feel when things are not going well for others. Things were not going well for me when I was hurt why was that not enough of a reason, upon me saying stop youre hurting me, to continue on hurting me for a negative reaction to be generated in another toward me or others, how does that satisfy whatever issue that you have with me, to see things not go right for others, or to watch crime and violence ensue. How do you expect me to react. Im allowed to say whatever I want to say, to change the conditions of whats being presented to not include me as someone who cares about others, and has a genuine interest in speaking to clarify issues so that people don’t fight, or be provoked by any information to harm anyone.

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