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Being Handed Problems in Life …

For example, a solution or a problem, can work in a manufactured way that reflects an exposure or interaction that gets ingrained, and then plays a role in the direction of your choices moving forward, either affecting where you end up, how you are picked or what and to whom your attentions are drawn to, its mostly by similarities that we are made to put things together, that can occur within or from watching someone, assemble what is in common to determine what or who is influencing who for those decisions to be made. 

For things that go right it can work like a pin ball machine, of either facts about you, or facts about those you know, and your exposures in life, wind up with people with similar interests or things you have in common with, which either gets the conversations going, or brings a level of comfort to one another, having those ideas in mind, or facts of life in common, details.

For things that go wrong, there can also be similarities that are drawn between facts, people will look for words and facts in common, dispositions, undertakings, support, influence, and mental health issues. Like wondering if there is something in common between those who fail (or commit suicide for that matter), commit crimes, drink or do drugs, and what are those factors in common? Can those deficits be determined, influenced, prevented, reasoned, made sense of, or put into words, can there be a common cause of death related to how things look, feel, or because of what people think determine?

You can either excuse the behavior or crimes of people and blame those who you think things are coming from, or you can remove from interest in assimilating things that you find in common and examine people on an individual basis including people who commit crimes. 

At the point of becoming famous and being well known, it is not in your control who knows you, who is influenced by you, who imitates you, who thinks they can justify their mental health issues, because you have mental health issues, or justify their anger, as though you are not who you are supposed to be disabled. Its not your fault whos standards you cannot live up to, especially not those who choose to blame you, or try to draw inference to you and facts from your life to excuse others. For some reason I think that people think that what is known is coming only from famous people, or what is thought is coming from famous people, I think you can learn and know things beyond the scope of what you are told or influenced by.

What is the “running out of time” joke by Justin Timberlake’s movie, I think that feeling of running out of time is about feeling like something is on to you, or a stress made within you, that is going to explode inside of you, this can occur by data and privacy breaches, this can occur by threat, and this can occur upon being questioned. It’s not the football that gets thrown to you such as when people try to comfort you, or within conversations people try to talk into like in therapy to see what is inside of you. It’s whats within you affected by what is said about you or what is said to you. All that matters is your interpretation, when you interpret something as threat does this start the ticking time bomb inside of you, or is it that something not true is said about you or to you, this can also get the ticking time bomb going inside of you. Getting the ticking time bomb going inside of a person is to create a nervous and distrustful position in which a person is made to trust others less and isolate more, this is to bring into question a persons behavior or demeanor to cause an intensity to cause others to sense that intensity. It’s not the person who is watched who needs to calm down, it’s the person being intense toward a person trying to get the ticking time bomb to start who needs to calm down. It seems once you get misconnected to people trying to upset you, they will not be happy until upset, or spoken. Without a mind one cannot calm or rationalize whats occurred or whats ongoing without reading something to fix the mind, or to re-dictate the direction of thoughts, either explaining those thoughts occurring or help gear a person away from poor thinking about self or others.

The intensity of any situation cannot be cleared until there is something said, or spoken through to in order to stop the aggravation from within. This is how writing has helped me. Had I not written I probably would’ve committed suicide by stupidity by now, and would not have a job. That’s how non-sensical it can become when people are trying to put together things on you to justify things are occurring to blame you for things happening (I’ve already reported this to FBI on a recorded line once, and they told me “not to call.”) Miss-associating those happenings to you or what you are doing with your life. Often times what you think is not as smart as what you think through reading and further study, or what you have to say in writing. What you have to say in writing is always more sound and true than anything you could think without putting it down on paper. A well thought out thought is through writing, a thought that cannot stop vs. a limited point and ending is a thought in your mind, alone. It’s hard to think past what you are thinking, is the main point, why writing helps, not keep things just in your mind.

Most of the secrecy to things going wrong is to make no mention of doubts. It’s always okay to think things through through writing. Similarly part of the secrecy of what is going right is to make no mention of the interconnected elements of those processes in fear or corruption of one or more of its elements, tampered. Leaving things in it’s natural state is always preferred to limiting options and preferences. Limits are placed in the event something goes wrong this is how discussion helps and reporting. Its not natural to leave no limits to creation of a negative interest in things working out if it affects more than just the person or element sought to be destabilized tampered with. People assume that silence is done as admission to a rational known set of thoughts, like most people, you handle life as it occurs there’s no real directions for coping or dealing with life you have feelings and thoughts and then you deal with those feelings and thoughts which you cannot predict or prevent you can only do your best to be prepared for in the event you encounter dilemmas in life can get the support to talk through those dilemmas in life, feelings, and thoughts. What is known is not known until it is put into writing, that’s how I make it clear what I know, when I know it, and why I know something what has occurred that has caused me to know something. A reader sees things, versus a writer puts together information to be seen, it’s easier to see information than it is to write new information.

And it shouldn’t be that way that by what is not said others are hostile toward you as though you have demonstrated any candor in speaking or writing to elicit for negative responses from others or to yourself in life which is how a woman is injured to not be empathized without if a woman is sexy or seductive she is blamed as bringing on sickness to herself from an angry man who is attacking her for the way he feels because he is not given a feeling from this human being who he is blaming as though she has good feelings and good outlook and a good future which he is not being included in attacked to be apart of her human body future and outlook ride upon her good will and investments in life to her own betterment and success online ongoing. People want credit for peoples wellness that’s the problem and people want to attack people as though others are responsible for their happiness and success in life. Everyone is responsible for themselves says the FBI (Note: me putting words into their mouth to address and advise the public) you can’t attack people to feel good by them and you can’t attack people for answers to your questions in life just to see what your feeling is true or not.

Its hard to get beyond something that is bothering you, or think past and more beyond the scope of what you have you mind and your heart set on. It’s common to want to make things work in your mind, either soliciting for the response from others to generate a response that is common to your “thought plot” either seeing the guilt in someone, or seeing their innocence, so on and so forth, like getting the pin ball machine to end up in a location center and true to your beliefs.

So what I’m saying is that I have been bothered by a job not approved another job preferred, at Fort Myer, who I have been in talks with for over a month now, the job has not started yet, and having difficulty cashing a check, and did not receive a check fedex’d to me, and have not received enough confirmations that this is a real job. Seeing that I get identity theft and fraud Im not sure who is testing who these days. It’s really disheartening, whenever there is a homicide, gun violence, girl missing, or riot or protest. It’s like everyone takes a look around to see what everyone is doing or saying online, and Im one of those people that people look at to see what I have to say or to see how I feel or what Im saying or what I look like in relationship to what is occurring, or where I work for that matter, and Im not sure why that is the case. It makes no sense to me, why who I am or what I am doing has anything to do with a homicide, a gun violence incident, a girl missing, or riot or protest. Im like everyone else, I respond to it because it bothers me and I do not want to see it happen, and prevention to me is not allowing things to happen in your life, so that there is negative interpretation brought from you into another person’s life, so that their pin ball machine doesn’t work, in terms of outcomes and where they wind up mentally in the train of their thoughts, thinking, and piecemealing.

Corruption is bad, because there is no safety in corruption, nothing gets done, and what gets done is insufficient to get things going again in the right direction. What is a recession, a recession is when there are no jobs, the jobs given are only to the experienced, and people without jobs do not get jobs and go back to school, and people are financially at odds not able to spend much, and as a result, things become cheaper such as in fashion: Zara, H&M, Forever 21. And education for that matter … more associate degrees certificates, and law schools. Corruption is when someone tells you something that upon relying on what someone has told you, all decisions thereafter going by end up not working out for someone. Corruption is the idea of what sounds like it works without proof of it actually working, therefore a corrupt idea cannot be relied upon, because there is skepticism, or assumed system of acceptance that cannot be relied upon when it comes to solving the issues that are resulting in poor decisions by others. Corruption can be a set of goals that are not in line with pursuing the safety needs of those in between, such as a group of people supported, a gender protected (women), or a gender defended (men), when it comes to sex issues, rape, and cultural deficits in terms of beauty, intelligence, and jobs who those qualities are granted to in life, blamed for, accused of. Corruption can be results in rejections, so do not be influenced by a woman because if you behave or look like this woman, you will be rejected, is an example of a “corrupt” woman, a system of behavior thinking actions inaction look and demeanor, that results in mistreatment, would be considered a bad influence. A non-Corrupt woman would be someone who others are influenced by, imitate, and assimilate toward an ideal, and things work out for them, they get jobs and they start to date. A corrupt agent, would be someone who is trying to convince others that someone is bad or a reject, to affect who accepts them, or to get them to lose jobs, or be viewed in disbelief. A non-Corrupt professional, is someone who no matter what anyone says is able to date and get jobs and bears no characteristics or traits that are trying to be brought out of a person by exposing them, aggravation, and insult, to make them upset to see what they look and sound like when they are upset, to mischaracterize them or disqualify them as any victim in any matter.

A victim (or non-Corrupted person) is someone who someone feels good by and feels smart by who then corrupts their smarts and intelligence, by making them cloudy, that’s an uneven exchange in terms of who is benefiting, the corrupter, by interaction with an innocent person, who is not yet corrupted, or blinded or clouded by anything, unaffected still to factors. You can tell who is uncorrupted, by looking at them, and they still move forward. A person who has been corrupted, is someone who lacks foresight which can make people react and respond to extremes in defense of selves, or to make something true about someone or some issue. Someone lacking foresight, only sees what they see, and misinterprets data and writing to mean that there is something wrong to a persons thinking or situation trying to punish or prosecute them publicly as though they have done something wrong when it’s the reverse something wrong is being done to them and in addition, being done wrong by that effort to persuade others that there is something wrong or defective about a person. A person with disability does not mean that their thinking or feelings or emotions are defective. When someone has disability, everything they think or feel is true, and is treated by medications and therapy. You therefore cannot treat a person with disability as though what they have to say about life or what they think is not true or not real, you are not them, you are not me, so you will not understand what life is like for me, or for someone with disability, who people don’t understand or misinterpret as though there is something wrong, defective, or guilty about them. That’s incredibly insulting, when I am stable, but someone is not stable by me, that is what sets off the ticking time bomb, when I am not at ease, and then that increases the energy of expectation of you, that’s when more and more is wanted from you, and more and more is wanted until you burn out, and more and more is wanted until they feel that what they think or feel is right and true which will not be set right, until you don’t feel well, speaking until they’re well.

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