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It’s not been an easy month, I’m sure not for most of us, so if there’s any way I can better be of service let me know. Usually when I’m not feeling well I distance myself, around right about now I get headaches, so maybe that’s my instincts telling me to write anyways and get back in touch with everyone be there for others.

Nows a good time for me to get to an AA meeting, it feels like during times of trauma all conversations feel like everything gets lost in translation ever had those moments talking to others when one another is half there. I guess it’s something we should appreciate the human-ness in one another to focus even if it’s only half focus and do our best to be present, I know that’s not always easy when things get overwhelming.

The first thing you can do for others is to be positive during any time of need. That’s when we’re most vulnerable to being hurt or aggravated by what others have to say. Think for others not just yourself and remind yourself that it’s not all about you, plenty of people care too.

We all feel victimized from time to time, especially now so be honest with your feelings and capabilities in life if that’s the best thing you can do for your audience most of success working with others is about expectation and acceptance, those two words always come up for me when writing, what do they expect from me? Kindness and intelligence thoughtfulness, and what can they accept about me? Limitations due to mental health issues, diagnosis, and length of time it takes for me to write and respond to whatever there needs words, some things you can’t always put into words. Especially when it comes to complaining, I think we would all rather hear more solutions than problems and upsets at a time like this, so I’m sorry for ever expressing upset when I do I always call my psychiatrist and attorney I guess that’s just me getting used to my new temperament symptoms and find better ways for coping with anxieties about life.

So keep you’re head up during a time like this, stay active be around people, don’t isolate and stay in bed all day, work through your trauma with counseling and support from friends or through blogging. And remember you’re not alone. Thanks for reading my blog.

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