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Don’t Be Ashamed …

Don’t be ashamed, set boundaries if you need them. We all feel bad when we make others feel bad, mostly we are people pleasers when it comes to blogging or being any kind of public figure, it literally hurts if anyones not happy with you or if you can’t make them happy, you feel powerless, you can get frustrated, and it can be defeating. You learn as you go how to find comfort in your own words no matter who is pleased, you’ll find that the more comfortable you are with yourself the better the outlook of you becomes. People will not know what you’re capable of until you prove yourself, so always do your best to prove your worth.

Being online is about being a worthy opinion, worthy of attention, worthy of love, worthy of friendship, you prove yourself as you go through life, and that’s what enables you to grow and blossom and be yourself. People who can be themselves are comfortable around others and comfortable with themselves even all their flaws, I guess that’s what all the expletives in trendy self help writing are about, being comfortable with yourself and able to show your true colors.

When you set a boundary that’s to protect you from being hurt by the behavior of others or to disable another from over reaching a boundary you have placed in terms of your confidences in life, liberties, energy, and freedoms for that matter. Life these days is all about sickness and health it seems the worse off you are the more stigma you carry and distance for that matter. It takes awhile to be close with people. In todays world everyone is sizing you up and keeping you away for whatever that purpose is it seems like people feel weighed down by people they don’t see as successful as them so they spend less time and energy around people they don’t feel a benefit from. Who ever thought that was true. How I grew up was about helping others, being there for friends, being someone easy to talk to, and spending down time with friends, and all of that changes in your 20s and 30s as people are trying to grow careers and families and that’s completely understandable. You just never think that you’ll be the one singled out in life from the time and energy of others, what about your own?

So try to stay positive. Be good, and keep your chin up. Mostly it’s by what people don’t understand about you they assume, so that’s the ominous quality about stigma it either attracts people to want to help you in life seeing you as an asset to help or people will feel that you’re beyond repair and a liability that’s how you get sized up in life by the depth of your problems and issues in life and so time is divided.

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