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The Answer to Your Problems …

The answer to your problems is not always clear it’s through discussion of your issues in therapy or psychiatry that you are able to manage your symptoms better. That doesn’t mean that you still can’t get tripped up or bothered by things including the issues and actions of others. At best make sense if your own experiences in life first before diving into the psyche or the wrongdoers in life that will surely lead you off course in terms of basic talks and discussions you can have with others in private or public settings, some things are inappropriate to discuss and sometimes you might seem out there to state a concern you have in life whether for yourself or others. I think the best thing you can do to stay out of trouble and to keep others out of harms way is to lead a good life to work, blog, get treatment, report, life isn’t perfect nor are your thoughts about life or why things happen. It will be if you have done something wrong that others blame you for your behavior language or words as though they carry the weight if what’s intrinsic to someone who is not fond of you or does not like you and or bothered by you. That’s life some people are irritating to us, we don’t understand or you show compassion toward others in times of need. There is not one main joke if that’s the assumption of who is declared important or beneficial to the interests of others. How I’m able to help is by sharing my experiences and how I was able to get through those experiences in life, stay out of harms way, and stay out of trouble in terms of what I see versus what someone else sees, not be a party to that upset in life over what is or is not the case. I always do my best not to fight with others, not to cause waves, not to draw negative attention to myself, and not to help others if I myself am not doing well in life and can’t. I think I’ve always done my best to be strong and to be there for others throughout my life and maybe things have changed since I was diagnosed and that’s not my fault that I have been limited in life by diagnosis to cause others to mistreat me or treat me as though what I’m saying or feeling is not real or understandable given the circumstances. I’m always doing my best it’s not easy being me, and I’m doing my best to be honest, to share when it’s urgent or important, and to not be dependent on others for help in life learned how to help myself in life without involving others. I carry no guilts in life I’ve not done anything wrong, I’m single, graduated, and working. There’s nothing wrong with struggling financially or romantically, don’t we all. The point is that if you are going to help others not to overcomplicate matters and be clear I think I write clearly and make sense to others as best I can. Forward. So I’m doing my best not to be targeted by hate or the frustrations of others make their upsets about me or be wrongfully accused of having anything to do with the upsets of others, I’m not upset, I get hurt, I stay out of peoples ways, I care, I’m genuine, and this has been my personality my whole life, easy to talk to, approachable, and gets along with everyone.

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