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I just took a week off of work, my new paralegal job (legal assistant), and my job blogging for Level 21 Magazine, in lieu of my Father passing away from Cancer, he’s been on Palliative/Hospice care since February, in and out of surgery, and did not make it.

I’m starting to feel the anxiety of recent events and the coding in regards to what a criminal violent homicidal offender is seeking to prove or create a thinking that by terms “Laguna” you can connect “Laguna” to where Sydney’s Mom is from, and “Wood” to connect the movie “Legally Blonde” then infer that any law student represents what the character “Elle Woods” represented in the movie “Legally Blonde” and then compare any known law student to an occurrence, a forced application of the offenders rationale communicated by words and location for you to infer and then attack me as though because of who I am bring on negative attention to myself or the legal profession and what it stands for. There were no riots in Brentwood, only Santa Monica, and my house has not been robbed, my car has not been robbed, I have not been raped, and I have not been attacked by voices, heckled, or intimated in the last year. That is because I have been talking to DA Todd Spitzer, about what I can do on my end to help make things better not worse, and that’s not what being on IMDb is about, it’s about tracking your identity and its use, in connection to anything made, about you, so that it is known what is being made because of you, or with use of your identity and story, be controlled not mismanaged, and misused, or put down as though ordinary or untrue replaceable. -On a positive note, I was privileged to attend the Genesis golf tournament and was introduced to The Tiger Woods foundation that I later promoted on my blog and recently found out that Dr Dre is building a school in Compton.

People are not replaceable and when there is no stopping limit to someone from hurting you, the losses can be devastating, such as the loss of my Father, his health was not respected, and my concern for my parent’s health and family’s privacy was not respected, and as a result I suffered and got schizophrenia voices, and was made to feel suicidal, having done nothing wrong. People who don’t see you as special, only want to make themselves feel better, by minimizing your importance or significance to society, not seeing you as one of the smart ones. My Father went to Columbia, we have an Olympic swimmer on my Moms side, and my Brother was a teacher and Doctor at Harvard, as far as I’m concern this person did not respect me, the education institutions that represent our Country, or the concerns for IMDb including their losses to drug overdoses and suicides. Respect is all a part of wellness, and it can cause incredible grief, disappointment, and sadness when people are made to look bad, you cannot treat people as responsible for their own mental health issues, a lot of it has to do with treatment too, how you feel about yourself, why to only surround yourself with people who feel good about you.

I called the State of Texas to complain about this person, I reported this person to the FBI, I messaged The White House, and I complained to GoDaddy and finally won my lawsuit with the Better Business Bureau who was able to finally talk some sense into GoDaddy. -That’s not how to get attention or cause fame through nudity and sex tapes, maybe that was a joke to people on the outside who think that it’s okay to make fun of Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian, and then make fun of me, and that’s not what I’m trying to do with my life. I’m not disrespectful, I’m of value, and it’s not okay to use me to make me uncomfortable and make fun of their experiences in life, what was done to them was wrong and trashy and you don’t treat women that way. When something is wrong it’s not okay to treat them as though they are the cause for what you feel is wrong with them, to cause them to stoop to a lower level, in order for them to recognize that something has gone wrong that you are attributing fault to them for. That’s not okay. If you cannot support a person based on what is trending or occurring, and then not confront the person about your delusion, then it’s not okay to act out on those delusions and be disrespectful to people, including me and my family, because you think that my identity causes grievances. Its grievances were caused to me, so what is there to complain about when you have me where you want me, all you have to do is complain to the court, tell them what you see, and try to blame me for what someone else has done, based upon your negative portrayal of me.

In 2013, when gun violence first broke out in schools across the nation, I took a break from law school, I went to the first day of class and my teacher said something random “Melrose Place the Remake,” apparently, she had gone through my computer, and said that out loud, I had recently switched classes, to the other Constitutional Law Class. So, in some respects no I don’t think that I have delusion or schizophrenia, when people try to scare you and treat you like you know something that they don’t know, that’s them testing your innocence, to say that if they come across weird, and you turn out strong, that they don’t want to be a part of that fight in life, to figure out what everything is about. Nothing has been done behind my back, I was working for the LA City Attorney when Barack Obama was running for President, we did not know each other, and one another was not a joke based on the others career path in life. He used to clear airspace by my classroom building when he was in town and block of all of Santa Monica Blvd, he also piled up pens on his desk, just like me, so I felt connected to him, because I also messaged his website before the first shooting to let him know that there was weird stuff going on on Youtube and outside my balcony, common people passing by, one in a backpack. I flew to DC twice (2013) because it was important to me, one of my best friends lives in DC so I got to visit with him and told him I wanted to visit the US Supreme Court, so I was allowed to visit, and given directions on how to get to sit in on a session. I was also there for the Inauguration, that year, I wasn’t able to get in with an invitation, and instead paced around the outside with others, and abortion issue protestors, one gate was packed by the door with no people going in, and I could not hear any of the speakers on the speakers overhead, it was quiet. I visited to US Supreme Court first who I call “#scotus” and then visited the House of Representatives and walked on each floor and signed any book with my information, later Brady was able to run campaigns to help get Congress to vote for and pass Bills, so automatically already felt a part of that process that already occurs to make change happen, I just had not connected with anyone yet. I heard about Brady through WIIDC when I was applying for summer positions 2011. Helping others takes time, and figuring out how to help others takes time, and once you get to a place when you can help others, how you go about helping others takes time and more and more responsibility as you go through the process of establishing a system of connecting with others and on what basis. 

So, when does the pressure hit, it’s when no one is on board, or when people are standoffish with you, and you can’t turn a blinde eye to is, you eventually speak to it, whether its coming from people you know, or people you don’t know as far as I’m concerned being on social media. Everyone has a solution for putting people down, but no one has a solution for when putting someone down, to manage the repercussions of that person being down, you can’t also make them responsible for the hierarchies you create to lift yourself from what you think is out of harm’s way, when you put someone in harm’s way, you become directly affected by what then happens to me, that’s the responsibility factor of IMDB and working with others, its not a team effort in terms of feeling good by each other and up, it’s a safety concern when you integrate peoples identities into what you are doing, and what you’re about, whats coming from you, and how people are made to feel by you, that you cant control when someone thinks that they’re better than you. When people are cold to you, that’s because they think things are your fault and would rather make fun of you, and see you as the joke they cant complain about because they see your family as trashy based on what was in the news think its okay to disrespect you and your family. As far as Im concerned I don’t know how another family would survive in the spotlight to be criticized for being friends with The Simpsons, going to Law School, and Mental Health issues related to Suicide, and the press, and being exposed as less than. Ask the Papparazzi they took my photo outside my house, sitting on my balcony, ask what they think. You don’t need to be famous to be important, you just need others not to confuse you with what the problem is in terms of acceptance and what is working for everyone. Unfortunately life is not a group project, and you are either the joke, the other the victim, or you are in the trusted corner of others, keeping others safe from harm, sharing your mind, and being important in your own way, in your own respect, in your own capacity, as blogger. I take responsibility for EVERYTHING that is on my blog. I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE for demonstrations created by others pretending to be me using my identity to cast over another series of deductions or code jokes about me, that is not of my doing! Im a real corporation … if you don’t believe that I did not certify my company in the State of California, through Legalzoom, then you don’t respect me as a business, a writer, and a responsible contributor to the intelligence of others online, through speaking about my own experiences, and what has been working for me. I am nothing but positive online, careful, I speak wisely, and I genuinely care about the health of others, because for me caring caused me schizophrenia, based on how I was treated and what became of me in mental health issues, it doesn’t feel good to care and to be ignored and it doesn’t help to be treated as guilty. Delivering the paper to the LAX COURT HOUSE right now, and taping it to their window! Sincerely, Leslie Fischman

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