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I know we’re not English, but there was a great ceremony this morning in honor of the Queen of Great Britain, Queen Elizabeth II, the leader of the United Kingdom since 1952. Similar to the United States, is the lack of enthusiasm from the younger generations for the Monarchy, same goes for the US, in terms of our Presidential representations. At this moment in time, what will make you proud? To whom do we pay our utmost respects to? Our families, the wealthy, billionaires? If it’s in knowing people that we come to value and appreciate one another, then it makes sense for everyone to be online, to gather their following and supporters. What impresses you? To me, I admire politicians, I admire the way they speak, I admire their education, and I admire their leadership skills, to me that’s a difficult position to be in life, where you are representing others, and when you stand for things that you have to practice throughout your campaigns, help make happen, or else be shamed for not following through with your promises. There’s a very high standard of care when it comes to politicians and media personalities, we expect the best from them, and also in presentation. It seems the more competitive that professionals get, the higher the expectation befalls onto us, to keep up with appearances and arguments for that matter, its worth following our favorites. Blogging is huge in the UK, I can’t say that it has been as big among bloggers in the US, there are a few very well known bloggers, and most of us are not acquainted with whos who of the blogging world. I received two nominations for my blogs, one from Infinity Blog Awards “Best Personal Development” blog and one from Shorty Awards “Best Integrated Campaign,” and the results show, not only on Alexa, but also on IMDb, and proud. Sometimes when you work hard toward establishing a rapport working well with others, the benefit is a reassurance, once you’ve surpassed the pressure of mere acceptance, there is eventual comfort in knowing that others know of you, and are keeping tabs on you, not so bothered by it. I think when you have an idea and you haven’t completed putting that idea together, getting the gears in place can feel hectic, you can have a million ideas, and progress may be slow, but the finished product is always easy to view and feels good to admire, like putting together a table of contents, or index, takes a long time, but the finished product feels good to scan, and to utilize in searching for work completed. Coming up with a system that works for you is one of the most difficult parts about blogging, Im sure for most its about monetizing their blogs, and coming up with some income producing result, through blogging, I think Im not quite at that point in my blogging career, Im able to gain traffic, but have not yet built a platform to re-direct traffic, or to earn any type of income on clicks, or re-directs. First the big deal is building a following, that takes years to establish, took me over 10 years writing online to establish a following, and come up with a consistent strategy for maintaining a following, which involves producing new writing, and posting online. Without adding to my blog, there is no increase in traffic, that’s plain and simple, you have to add to your blog, and post online in order to build traffic. So your system is your strategy, how are you going to come up with content, and how are you going to build an audience, who is so satisfied with your content that they return to read what you have written again and again, or for the first time upon viewing you briefly, take a minute out of their day to see what youre about. Building a company was always about who that company can support upon being built, like Legalzoom is to “the dream team,” a living legacy of the Attorneys who have passed, and his son, a company, that represents all the good that he has done for others in this world, no matter what major story he comes from, he’s a famous attorney, who helps others through his company Legalzoom. So there is definitely a “Kingdom” in the US, we just aren’t quite sure who represents that Kingdom, or which major characters we are willing to identify in establishing any kind of monarchy of interests, in terms of the “the people,” who would be in charge of declaring to what standards we are wiling to hold people to in order to admire them and follow them. I know how much I have had to change in order to get a job, and to manage a blog, including changing my appearance, tidying up my face and body, walking everyday, and completing my legal education. In order to represent others, you yourself have to be put together, and its upon being put together that others find comfort and respect through knowing you and your story, and from there are able to feel helped, and once helped able to be there for others, and share their own story. Isn’t that what AA is about, sharing your story, Id like to think that most people in life should be so privileged to share their story and inspire others for strength and to make positive changes in their lives, and I guess that’s what social media is all about, change, representation, feeling good, being in the know, meeting people, being introduced to concepts, and getting to know others and ourselves better in the process, of exposing ourselves to be open to meeting new people in life, as Im sure meeting me, was a new exposure to most, to get to know a person who is not in your life, in a personal way, online. All I know is that to apply for another Shorty Award, it must be to represent another company or non-profit, and would have to be in connection to the work that I am doing online, to help provide aide to that non-profit, which at the time was Brady and Moms Demand, who I had memberships with, so that’s who I have supported for years, and that would be the purpose of my blog, to publish a book, and to share my journey through mental health issues, and how I have been able to find success through blogging and writing, and also be able to get jobs, which Im sure most people can relate to and would feel inspired by, and also spread the word about who to donate to: Brady. 

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