Issues Aware of Prior and After “Laguna Woods” Shooting …

The wrongs of others need no defense special or with special consideration for the parties actions criminal and harmful to the health, well-being, safety, and livelihood of those injured by that parties actions, whether misdemeanor, homicidal, or violent. Therefore it is wrong to assume that by what is working for others in terms of creative understanding and compartmentalization of what is of essence when discerning the beauty in life relate to songs and film use “the people’s” comprehension and knowledge as excuse for the actions of someone who commits a crime, the purposes for understanding one another is not with the intent to cause harm to one another, whenever there is something stated that sits well, and improves rapport between people, and improves relationships, and decreases hostility and threat toward an individual, who they know, and who is attached to them by life, either online on social media, or in real life neighborhood or neighbors. Therefore if the same information are known to all parties, which is an assumption standing from my vantage point, that someone knows and sees life in the same way I do, and by neighborhood clues, is someone informed of some special understanding by stores, establishments, home location, name or personal history somehow inform anyone that any one master identity is known, where other information stems from or is being made in connection or with reference to a master identity, and just because that identity is known does not free up the liability for use, or open up for the taking a having of a property of value such as a book, as though that property is devalued because more have access to it, or because inactive on a live website paid, judge as information hidden or not publicly known and listed for any reason to infer that because its of lesser value not shown that something that does not exist accessible to all, is somehow defective or worthless, or a cause for a misunderstanding, if that book was written when I was well before voices, and a collection of writings, its therefore not reflective of any defenses or reasons in defense of any criminals nor motivated for more harm to occur, seeing that my book writing was based off an idea pitched to FEMA Ideascale, and was formerly made with permissions, with a purpose in place, not for some random personal reason defensive. When analyzing why I called #scotus and 911 today, take into account that its not just in two blog posts mentioned, if it did not bother me, or seem important to talk about then I would not have mentioned something that causes more problems than it solves. For example, a picture of a girl “snapping” in a poster that I bought in Boulder was reported to Boulder DA in a phone call I made many years ago, to see whether there was any connection between a poster in my 1 bedroom apartment to any movie made referencing “snapping” at a nail appointment in another movie. I was not yet famous yet, only on Facebook, when it was public for a short period of time, 2004, was asked to join. So when I discuss a fear out loud, that’s to not only make sure that its not something presently bothering someone, but so that comprehension or assumption is not used as information built in anyones mind to discriminate me as though Im the cause for a series of words to be known through the actions of anyone related to and the cause of gun violence. There are two purpose for prevention when it comes to discussing a fear, its to make sure that that fear does not continue, or so that that understanding is put into words to differentiate between what is coming from me through my words, and what is thought of someone who sees me as bad or non-sensical and therefore trying to convince and blame me on the basis of trying to prove schizophrenia, to prove or assert a series of arguments against my writing or understanding of life, wrongfully accuse me of being aligned with the wrong interests in life because of what I look like to you, or because of what makes sense to you to blame me for the actions of others. I am not responsible for the actions of others, I am only responsible for my own health and to make sure that my health does not affect the health of others, and that in the event I become suicidal I got to the hospital, its not fair to hear my story and then try to make me feel suicidal by inflicting harm and emotional distress upon being in a weaker stance in transition in life, to assert any broad claim that mental illness is coming from me, mental illness is not an STD that you can trace between people and blame me for, Im not the host to schizophrenia, and Im not the host to self-harm or suicide, and Im not the host to your hate, or the reasons for you believing that gun violence can be excused by blaming people with mental health issues are being the cause and by further prove trying to make people not like that person, to see where they are left in life, if they feel suicidal and no one is helping them, this is why I went to law school, to be independent and to work, not to cause trouble, and part of things making sense to someone who is fighting with you, why my head hurts and why their head does not hurt is because they don’t have to generate arguments and do the writing, they only have to read and select what is what they want to hear or what they think is something to prevent them from hurting me enough said. Prevention is not wasting peoples time, therefore if you have thought about an issue and can think of a better way or a better set of focuses then its best to inform someone so that no one wastes time on the wrong information as though that’s the problem, the risk in discussion public is that subjects me to harm in that it presents a risk that someone who is not supporting my cares in life, benefits from something I have said, and continues to harm people anyways or in my case, continues to harm me, thought justified, by reasons not stated by them, enabled by that person not being stopped from harming me, and treated as an emergency, therefore the risk posed to me, then becomes what is the necessity to prevent someone from harming me, and if later others are harmed, what does that have to do with who is harming me, and what happened to me upon being harmed, how is that related to a separate incident or crime, on the basis of what facts you determine to be related or coming from me, on the basis of seeing me as bad, take the side of who was harming me, to justify am act of gun violence, therefore whats wrong with hurting me and why urgent is not because I am being hurt, but because it is creating excuse for causing harm to me, and also excusing the reasons for anyone hurting people, as though one person is an example of a type of person to hurt for reasons that I have never stood for personal or ethnic or race basis claimed to be my issue or an issue that I felt others had toward me in life, what I look like, my intelligence, or who dates me. If there is a basis for hate there is some nominal reason of not receiving any benefit from, online with 17 million views there is an exceptional nomimal reason other than race that is creating the work through my writing, which is making sense ot others helping, which if it were only about me would not be helped if they felt dragged into argument and sides would be a fight not something that benefits the thinking and demeanor of someone trying to improve. 

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