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The Heavy Load …

Once the heavy load is lifted you’ll feel tired but awake it’s like spiritually ending up at a completion point with ample time ahead to get going again, that’s recovery you process experience a wide range of emotions and thoughts and find your place again in life, the journey is always tough what to remember what to forget and wonder what will tomorrow be like will I be okay, and so it ends “upon awakening” like a bad trip yesterday not carried over to the next day isn’t it great when the problem is only temporary left in your mind or out in front of you “to not pick up again” I guess can apply too to our thoughts about things if it’s not working for you then you don’t have to accept those feelings in reaction to the thoughts triggered you can pack up and leave behind any feeling or system of thinking not working for you triggering you the goal of therapy is to remember what’s working for you and recognize when things are not working out for you in your favor.

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