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Rude Awakening …

1. No one thinking your funny.

2. Being prescribed a new med.

3. Getting a new diagnosis.

4. Having great sex and never hearing from them, until weeks or months later.

5. Suddenly sober.

6. Suddenly normal again.

7. Pissed off and no one responding to you.

8. Recognizing there is no game and building a set of ideas for yourself to go by.

9. Thinking your a talented photographer then seeing other peoples photos.

10. The mirrors at Target during bathing suit season.

11. Just saying no to body building at McDonalds.

12. Passing on that line of cocaine offered.

13. Your grades when it’s time to apply for jobs.

14. Getting a job and having no co-workers.

15. Getting a job and not getting paid.

16. Not knowing any names in US Weekly.

17. Working out everyday and not losing a lb.

18. Forgetting the title to your favorite songs not knowing any off the top of your head.

19. Having nothing to say but being irritated.

20. Having a lot to say and being irritated.

21. Not hearing from people & wondering why.

22. Opening up and your world gets quiet.

23. Opening up and less people talk to you.

24. Opening up and the less your problems bother you.

25. Opening up and being told to not post.

26. Opening up and people calling your Mom to ask how you’re doing or check on you.

27. Your first experience with fraud.

28. Being robbed by an unknown company.

29. Losing trust and paving your own way in life.

30. Being popular because you are yourself.

31. Being popular based on your cares.

32. Building a real company and not making any money as a company, selling nothing.

33. Being loyal to others and things always seem to work out between you and them.

34. Your first battle with needing money.

35. Making money and battling to keep it.

36. Learning how to earn a living.

37. Not being able to afford rent & living expenses.

38. Not having the patience to start dating again.

39. Getting headaches whenever people try to get close to you.

40. Not seeing eye to eye with others.

41. Not understanding what others are saying for there to be disconnect hearing less.

42. Connecting with people based on what they are saying and realizing afterward what they meant as to you.

43. When people try to be smart with you excited by knowing you but tell you nothing about themselves.

44. When people know who you are but don’t tell you I’ve heard of your blog and read your blog and share whether they liked my blog or ask any questions.

45. When your past reads your blog but no one tells you what they like about your blog or how much they enjoy seeing you open up again and be yourself except this time to everyone and not one on one.

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