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When Something Good Happens …

When something good happens works just the same as when something bad happens, it’s a feeling that occurs over time, which is why you are reminded to be consistent if you want to be successful. Everything adds up. I was thinking this while being detained outside #toddspitzer’s house for more than hour talking to police, what’s more important than what was said, is where I’m headed in life and why and where I am not headed and why. You are always in control of where you end up in life, I’ve always believed this, no matter who tries to convince you that you’re being bad or have bad ideas in life, had I not been on IMDb I don’t think that there would be an issue as to my intent or goals in life. Everything can change for you in a second when there is anyone who’s perspective of you runs counter to your stated goals in life tries to convince another body of individuals that you are bad or suspicious or declare something wrong to be with you. Most of that can’t get you in trouble in life not if you allow others to intimidate you or convince others that you are bad or up to no good. Life can be overwhelming, this occurred on Thursday and have been asleep all day since Thursday with a very heavy weighted feeling on me that has kept me from getting out of bed everyday until today. That’s getting in trouble, it’s when you are questioned and have to convince others that what your going through is a real circumstance that you either need help with or think is important to be reviewed by someone, which is why #orangecounty police now has my Instagram address and blog addresses. -I’ve been gone from work for a week or so now with covid and have since tested negative and going back to work soon. This gave me time to think about life, visit others, respond to angry people, and work through my problems in life. Maybe it’s not the outcome that a hater would wish for which would be for me to get in trouble or hospitalized which usually does away with their discomforts at my expense, but what can you do at a time when your sanity or thinking is being questioned as contributory I don’t think my blog would be read if others did not improve or benefit from what I have to say. Likewise I don’t think that I would have improved and started working if my views and ideas about life were squed or out there. There’s no way of being normal when something heavy is weighted on you it keeps you from moving forward in life and you live life scared. I don’t think that I’m living a life to be questioned or looked at in the negative. I think I talk to the appropriate people in life who would care or understand what I’m going through that’s not to say that I can’t too be affected in the negative if people think differently or negatively of me. Sometimes the pressure from hate is too much and no matter what sense you try to talk into someone convinced with an intent to hurt you to stop is incredibly draining and a waste of my time and energy when no one will help me or complain on Facebook about someone who is hurting me and making me look stupid and accusing me of things I’m not doing in life. I think I want to live a better life than be talking to people I don’t know in real life online, I think I can live a better life than this and actually have people in my life to talk to and not be made out to be something bigger than I am, which I’m not. I think my numbers are accurate online and reflect my hard work and writing ethic, and show how helpful I am, and hardworking, I don’t think that popular means immune from controversy or problems in life or just means that much more responsibility to make sure that things go right when things are going wrong or make sure that you are not in harms way when others are convinced to put you in harms way so that you get hurt or get sick or die which I don’t think I deserve and don’t think that anyone deserves to be treated that way in life, for attack.

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