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Today is a solemn day in entertainment news, following the death of Olivia Newton-John, after losing her battle with Breast Cancer. For those of us who were moved by her performances past, and grew up in the years that the film “Grease” inspired us all to go after our dreams and believe in the possibility for love to happen for us, many of us could relate, especially during the phase before dating or new to it, I’m sure we could all relate, no matter how you identify. I recently mentioned that one of our favorite movies growing up was Hocus Pocus, Troop Beverly Hills, and Wayne’s World, I forgot to mention Grease. As a Dancer when I was young, took dance lessons at “Dance for Kids,” on San Vicente, of course this movie was of interest to us, and influential throughout the development of other group performances through dance, including hip hop, break dancing, and theater a group effort, a dance icon and singer not to mention inspiration to the best runway looks that followed according to Vogue. [1]

When it comes to love and finding love, this movie resonates with me, often times we don’t have any middlemen in life, and left to our own choices in life. Its common to not get the best advice when it comes to picking men, just talking to my therapist, it seems like most were not approved or not a good fit, and later realized its about you convincing others why a person is right for you at this moment in your life, and why you are content with this person in your life at this moment, and fine with how things are. I don’t think that’s selling yourself short in life, you can only push yourself so hard to garner respect and attention from those you admire, without running the risk of insulting your competitions in life for their attention. I think the less you are threatened by others, the more things happen for you in life, or so Ive learned, that whats more important than what you’re bothered by is the significance of this person in your life, and when you are able to put aside your own preferences for the sake of their happiness, that just shows how tolerant your love has grown for them, that you are less bothered by anything they do or have to say, and focused more on your acceptances of people the way they are. 

You can’t change people to accommodate you in life, and you can’t get what you want in life remaining how you are if attention is what you want in life, and if it means embracing all that you’re not. Good luck finding the beauty in yourself, and hope that they see it too. When focused on the wrong things in life, we fail to blossom, that’s probably because we are forcing ourselves to be noticed when we don’t have all of the parts assembled, and can easily break, confidence is definitely one of those things you need to shine in life, and “Grease” demonstrates that for us. It’s not just entertainment, it’s the real excitement and energy that occurs when something new is happening for you in life, that if you don’t cease the moment, and allow for things to happen for you in life, things can not work out, so part of things working out for us in life, sometimes requires us to change, to blend in more, and expect less to be done for us in life. Rising to the occasion is what makes all moments in love memorable, you never forget the first time as a couple you felt proud of yourself and stood out to others, other than weddings, it’s a rare moment to experience in life, for those of us fortunate to do so, the more power to you. Recently I have been so privileged to be close to someone I knew many years ago and met 2007, and when my mental health changed, so did my future and my ability to allow for my future to happen, seems like less worked out for me in the long run, but this year is different. And if I’m not careful, everything can not work out, I have had experience with this in meeting others, nothing has worked out, mostly because of what I choose to talk about, and probably too investigatory of them, while answering all of their questions of me and sharing pictures, seems like you have to give so much of yourself as a woman, only to be rejected if the rest of you doesn’t fit the bill of what is expected of you. You can’t fight your way to acceptances in life, that’s not what battling mental health issues are about, your not battling people, your battling your memory and comprehension of what has ailed you and recognize the moments when you are well and make the most of yourself as you are. So its not that there are sides of you to dislike, its why do sides of you that you don’t like appear when you becomes disinterested in someone not interested in you, always assert yourself in the positive, that’s probably the test separating the mature from the immature, so if you can’t keep up with what is eating at others, don’t allow whats eating at them to eat you away in life, be positive, and handle all things in stride. Its not your responsibility to teach people how to behave or make others stronger, what “Grease” represents is our own coming of age finding strength in ourselves and among others, which is how normal was achieved, accepting eachother for all our colors, characteristics, personalities, preferences, likes, odds, and blessings, gifts in life, and be noticed. So if you have ever had to overcome a deficiency in life, this movie portrays how much effort goes into becoming a stronger version of yourself, that’s love, accommodating who loves you, and rising to the occasion, feeling good about making them feel good, without embarrassment, shame, or regret.

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