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Let’s Clean House … Where to Start

One of the best feelings about feeling good, is having your sense of predictability back, able to read yourself, and see clear. It seems like we lose the back of our minds when emotions are heightened and tensions are running rampant with negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves and where we see ourselves at the present. So how do we get there? For anyone in recovery from mental health issues or substance abuse issues, my best advice would be to have a plan? Just as we are recommended to write reminders to ourselves to boost our self-esteems, so should you remind yourself of what to do in the event that you are experiencing a mental health issue, to help ease the transition from chaos to peace, here is my plan:

  • Call the police or a hotline.
  • Call my Attorney.
  • Visit a place where my mind is clear and I can write.
  • Clean my room and organize things.
  • Start calendaring my day to day, how Im feeling.
  • Make sure I take as prescribed and email my psychiatrist.
  • Text my therapist to let her know if Im not feeling well.
  • Start attending AA meetings, everyday, if not every week. 

So much about getting well and staying well requires us to have faith in ourselves, and the more times you can get through these hurdles in your day to day, the more confident you will become in your recovery, to recognize that its just a bad day not a bad life. According to, one of the key ways to thrive in chaos, is to take simple steps toward conquering your pain, and develop an “emotional tolerance” and “mental toughness.” [1] Don’t be scared to ask questions and to reach out for help, for example, I have experienced mental health issues since 2009, the first time I was hospitalized for bipolar, which did not become an issue again until 2013, you learn as you go, how to accept your diagnosis, take the meds that they are willing to prescribe you, and adjust your time and attention toward getting the hang of functioning in your new skin, it’s not an easy transition. 

Know that by making simple changes to your routine, as recommended, a whole lot can change for your perspective wise, my career coach recommended to keep a gratitude journal. So jot down your daily schedule, calorie count and meal plan, schedule doctor’s appointments in advance, keep track of expenses and pay your bills on time, save money, read books, make time to journal and or meditate. The day is long, and you get to choose how you fill that time! So don’t be afraid to plan your day in advance, whether its putting an outfit together, making up a diet for yourself, make lists, there’s always time to get back to things and this will help you goal set later on, the more structured your day is, the better able you are to keep track of all the mini milestones you get through, the better you’ll feel. Don’t go through life haphazardly not keeping track of all your positive momentum, sometimes it helps to look back at yourself and say you know what, I’m trying, this is how far I’ve come, and I’m proud of myself, I can do this. 

Get out of bed and live your life, sometimes it takes being scared to get your house in order, and often times at humble beginnings we see the most growth in ourselves. Think less of what others think, and think more about what is in your power to change about how you carry yourself and how you live your life, the more proud you are of yourself, the less insecure you’ll be, the easier it will be to talk about yourself and your interests, and the more confident you will become, “train your brain to look for the smallest glimmer of positivity in everything because”[2]. In helping yourself that’s your credential for being able to help others, never doubt that you have the power to help another change their day around too, and that’s the gift of staying well and realizing your potential, you get to help lift someone else out of their rut and keep going, I know its not always easy. Hopefully after reading this article you’re not sleeping all day, and I’m not the best example of that.

I’m also not the best example of an organized room, but I’m trying, and just got new furniture, hopefully not a box in sight soon, if I’m lucky. Which brings us to my last point, stay organized! According to Carl Jung, a psychiatrist mentioned in, “our homes are a reflection of ourselves, our identity, he argued. How we construct this space is, therefore, closely connected to our inner narrative and mental state of mind.” [3] Don’t be ashamed of what you can or can’t afford in life, you can be perfectly proud in Ikea like me, or second-hand furniture you find and antiques like I was in college, I had the best wooden desk! I felt like I was in Versailles, or somewhere romantic, with the cute desk legs and fancy chair my boyfriend broke. According to, “our interior worlds can truly “aid recovery and healing,” [4] and this is so important for right now, especially if you are in need of a quick fix, to just change the climate around you and feel better, get your life sorted visually! I noticed with a sorted room closet and drawers, I have created more space for thinking, it leaves a feeling of accomplishment within you, when you clean or keep an organized calendar, you are able to visualize better where you see yourself, knowing where you have been, and what you have overcome, your space should be “curated to evoke a varied palette of feelings.” [5] Sometimes we need those reminders to feel good, a new desktop background on our computers, a new poster or piece of artwork, a new basket or hamper, new hangers, a candle, desktop trinkets and paper weights, whatever it is, those little investments you make to stay organized will bring you comfort, and will also help you to be comfortable in identifying the things you like, don’t be afraid to pick things out yourself, you don’t always need advice about those things in life, dress and decorate as you please, be comfortable with yourself! This is a time for healing, not for judgment, seems to be the constant theme in music and film, for more acceptances and recognition of different states of being, able to carry yourself with pride, and show all your stars and stripes with character.

Summary of “Let’s Clean House” Tips:

  1. Create reminders for yourself. Don’t tie yourself up in negatives.
  2. Have faith in yourself.
  3. Manage chaos, and don’t be afraid to ask questions.
  4. Accept change as apart of making transitions in life
  5. Conquer your pain, set goals, and make lists.
  6. Change your perspective and practice gratitude.
  7. Make simple changes and keep track of your progress.
  8. Be humble worry less what others think focus on yourself. 
  9. Stay organized and maintain a healthy state of mind. 




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