What is a Life Force? …

In different periods in life, you will have different needs, and more or less time for discussing things that you do not feel need discussion. In times of need its important to be heard and to be supported, if you have friends they will be sure to reinforce that you are a good person, worthy of staying well, and don’t view you as someone struggling without love or friendship in life, but someone working toward improvement to have more normal social experiences. So when we think “influencer” a word within the definition of “life force” on is that it is a “force or influence that gives something its vitality or strength,” sometimes that can occur through reassurances, redirecting thoughts, changing the subject, and at this time, being more careful with words, if thats the designated indicator of “subconscious insult or stupidity” or with the intent to teach you a lesson through interpretation that you do not want to see or learn for yourself, thats discomfort. Unless you demonstrate sensitivity to the issues, I dont think it matters whether you can relate to academic struggles or body image struggles in life, that still doesn’t mean that you have a free card to not be judged by those standards in life. I think if it is viewed that you dont feel good about yourself, then no one who has known you will take responsibility for your choices in life to remain separate, that people can’t help you with, when its a distance to get to you, that means you are left behind not on purpose, but so that others can move forward, uninterrupted, by things you see or learn along the way toward improvement. I think self-reflection occurs well not in an aggravated or frustrated state, and I think humor is not accepted, when the times are serious and when more is expected of you, that gets viewed as discomfort shown through you that another does not want to empathize with or becomes annoyed by, thats not how to connect in times of need. Life force for the purposes of avoiding issues relevant to “suicide” I think is most relevant to how much of that blame we attribute to being created by non-acceptance, its hard to be raised on the inside, when you are brought down in life, so thats how a hero fails in life, either not there quick enough, has not stated the important pieces of information, and people are left behind, who were already arrived to solution, thats a life lived in gratitude, where people feel valued and protected for their insights and goals in life, and personality, if systems of wellness fail for those who are successful, its a good time to wonder about what has been taken too far, or what is devaluing how people feel, people dont just feel bad on their own, and without reassurance never leave people in a state of worry or of loss in life, I think is the lesson with what gets taken too far, the more you’re around in life, and the more connected you are in life, the better you feel, and the more at ease others are, life is never that important and should never be so dangerous alone, to recognize or test for your own ability to survive solo, you need family, you need friends, you need to appreciate, you need to abide by prescriptions and dosages, and need to not question. Sometimes losing hands in life are called for in advance, maybe thats to lower the expectation to reduce the possibility for reliance on the wrong people to start an influencer network of confidences in life, including all the things not put into words, having that filter to let whats going well exist without mapping and shouting it out, shows recognition of value, and maybe thats what makes a blog seem so unreal or fake, if you dont have a life in pictures, then why do you not have in your possession any memories from your past, thats not something you get rid of, its something you keep in life, notes and photos, mine are gone. So for me holding on to things in life is what I have done to have something to do in life, stay organized, and built a blog to keep working on my writing skills, which is how I transitioned to a job and got the most difficult assignment that could be assigned without practice an Opposition to Motion for Summary Judgement Memorandum of Points and Authorities, I had three motions assigned, and learning how to construct new documents, always appreciate where you are in life, those offers only last so long as you are willing to set aside distractions in life, to focus on building valuable rapport with others, if you are constantly getting sick, that may be a good reason to stop explaining how you were in life, and start being who you are now, it’s all about anticipation, and usually when a previous relationship or interaction is described it just so happens that it will be expected for you to respond that way again and again. It becomes a tool for testing your maturity and temperament in life, I think if you are someone described to “misread or read into things” thats letting you know that someone thinks there is something off about you, and what gets worse is when acceptance for what is off in others is supported once it can be declared that the discomfort is coming from you. The best way to not give power to influence by a person in common not impressed by, would be to not be affected by who is helped and who is not helped in life, and to never complain, options in life occur when you are well, and right now Im really rethinking about the BIG DISAPPOINTMENT CONSPIRACY THEORY when it comes to having shared by treatment history or for what, I think we are in a stage where if people feel similarly hurt or offended or unimpressed with others, its that they see the beauty in themselves and by inflicting guilt onto you, is to scare you like you dont recognize when you have it good, or lose everything as though thats the script to improve and be sent back to where you were in what stage in life, I think thats the pattern. Loved, excluded, and Tennis, or boyfriends for that matter, DISAPPOINTMENT is what brings others down so if you have ever had a bad few months or hospitalization dont be upset if you are viewed as the disappointment by any demonstration of being controlled or making bad decisions when you have worked hard to be where you are, seems like the most vulnerable time for you to look bad will be when you look good, and at peace, and the later chaos you endure, is simply to teach you that you did not recognize that the peace you achieved in life, whats not given, or earned, and can be taken away.

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