Not a Fun Feeling …

Right now is not a fun feeling, not with shootings nearby where I reside home and at work, and don’t think that in behavior, medications distributed daily monitored by my Mom since 2017, should give the reassurance that my feelings and behaviors are completely mental health related as to “voices.” Not a losing team in life taking medication, and the medications I take are not for an up or a down or for anxiety or for a guilt or for a pressure they are to be normal, to not be boisterous, tell jokes, or be made fun of taking videos and selfies, to be proper and to not be sensitive to noises or people, and not be bothered by others which is how I usually am. In times of heightened tensions, this is not clear the causes and equally scary to me, and not some theme on my blog or fancy canva purposeful, but important to acknowledge that who you are and what you represent matters and its not to be tormented or displaced with nothing in life standing in the way between you and the unreasonable or reactionary. This is why its important not to complain when things are good, or because you are sad or suspicious hurt those who are well or functioning weathering their storms in life you never know who people are being strong for. I noticed the radio was sad today, I tried to quit social media today over controversy in terms of who’s health represents what and from where is a good thinking coming from upon knowing an identity, not be displaced or devalued by a better rendition of a feeling or situation in life, represented by another, judge oneself or others by, as following along or misleading in the wrong direction in life. 

How do bad feelings happen?

  1. Loss of Faith and Suspicion
  2. Resentment and Affirmation
  3. Disappointment and Expectation
  4. Belief and Adherence to News
  5. History as Related to Now
  6. Losses and Not Responding to those Losses
  7. Taking Personal the Health of Others
  8. Not Getting Help in Emergency
  9. Being treated poorly based on race.
  10. Not having a support team to assist you. 

You may not know me and you may think that I think I know it all, but violence is not the correct response to undo anything in life or be so motivated by people or comments you think is intended to be derogatory toward people communicating to me who have not hurt me.

Today I sat across the street from Todd Spitzer’s Office and sat and spoke out loud to people standing around and green cops, about recent things bothering me and what Im doing to help make things better and also called a Judge, that’s doing my part. What to bring up or talk about, I think Ive been doing a good job of not talking about anything scary and to make things positive and that’s 100% me not some tone found by another bloggers style this is my own. So please recognize when someone is struggling that its not overdose or wrongs it could be a chemical imbalance and voices or changes to demonstrate a mental illness to someones head not caused by any person, or known for what reasons. I think Im doing a good job of representing everones efforts to be strong and to be present and to help support others, and I don’t think its okay to live in any community of discomfort I don’t do that to anyone, bring serious around or darkness, it’s usually, sunny, people are bold, and quiet, and theres peace around me, and upon leaving a situation of comfort there is noise, and chaos, and I don’t feel comfortable being myself or talking myself through a bad feeling, or listen to a song, because I feel like Im being watched for output and if output is not provided and there is no bad news I will not know the reason for justifying the creation of voices in my body not pleased with my condition. Its mental health, you will not feel good being me, because I have to feel good being me, therefore you will feel good understanding your body and should not be affected by my body or mind please.

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