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Re: mymollydollfan.com. I have copyright to term “mymollydoll” created by me 2013. Because he used my pen name to attract attention to his website to make false claims about me accusing me of being something I’m not and caused me to get voices and hit my head tormented for over 3 years. -I was sent to a psychiatrist to treat a condition called “schizophrenia” caused by talking to a stranger who does not know me in real life, and who found out I grew up best friends with Sydney Simpson who’s father is OJ Simpson. Because another family connected “The Kardashians” were successful to make me appear insensitive to their issues posted a nude website of me to make me look like an imitator or follower the opposite of the fan I was who watched their show since 2010 as a law student. I complained to godaddy and Facebook to remove his page and website for over a year explaining to them why his treatment of me was not appropriate. He began exposing me online for talking to other accounts online when I wanted to stop talking to him because he made a Facebook page, he was first to block me it was not me who cheated or discontinued a pen pal relationship online but it was because of his hate and criticism of me that I was hospitalized and put on Invega for a year to treat schizophrenia the symptoms caused as a result of public humiliation online and invasion to my privacy interests photos on my Google drive he accessed without permission and began posting online along with a photo of my house and my family not given to him not with my permission. He continued to email me after not talking to him for 2 years in recovery from mental illness caused by his overexposure of me in photos he did not have permission to distribute along with fake photo of a vagina that I never sent him of someone else’s vagina online with my name on it.

John Texas texasexegete@gmail.com

Evil John silvertexegetical@gmail.com

Private Donald privatedonald310@gmail.com

Fane Toluz fane.toluz@gmail.com>



Website: mymollydollfan.com

Facebook Page: @yourmollydoll


It’s an approximate cost for treatment for schizophrenia, hospitalized 2 weeks in a home in OC, and be put on Invega shots for a year because I stated the problem was bullying over photos sent and instead I was punished as though I’m inappropriate of send photos of myself to people not interested in me. It was the reverse it was demands for photos in his style.

He continues to threaten me during the time my Father was dying of cancer and during the time when released from a psychiatric facility in Orange County also called a “rehab” a dual diagnosis treatment center private. And expose me as sexual and did not show any good pictures the kind of pictures I wouldn’t mind others seeing, as a result I was punished.

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