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Quality Bites …

I’m sure Im not first to this battle in the face of negative opinion to a woman who shares her mind. Im not the first woman to share her mind and be criticized. We were not all made to smile and wave, and speak less, and when the times get tough, a more positive influence that is accepting of all is preferred to any mind overly critical of one another, that’s judgment. Be free in the fact that you get to be yourself without having to stick up for yourself that’s America. Freedom to have fun, tease, make fun of one another, respect, look up to, and to become, that’s an American trait, to transform and to be the best version of yourself. It will matter later how you got to a better position in life, and there will always be those memorialized for their wrongs, and not yet again meet the mark, interpersonally, financially, creatively, and respect wise, Im not one of them. When you believe in something not true about another, that’s to treat them as outsider to the benefit granted to all in belonging and feeling apart of. I’ve always thought outsiders kill, to be treated as late to the punch, is to exclude, its to listen to the side of those who do not believe that one is special, and thinks that who they are, not viewing me as part of that process of a growing acceptance for all. Life is not all about sex and likes, sometimes its just about being a good person and not holding negative judgment of others. You will not be anywhere in life that you do not deserve to be, that goes for jobs, awards, friends, and romance. You will not always deserve for good things to happen to you in life, not if you hold resentments and are negative toward those who are doing well in life. It’s not small minded to have grown up on Rockingham, to have connections in life, and to represent those connections in life to the best of my ability. As an outsider you might wonder what is there to know about me, what is there to respect about me. Here is a list of things you can respect about me:

  • I’m dating a man, and have no desire to be gay.
  • I graduated from Law School, and got a Masters Degree.
  • I wrote for 10 years online, in order to establish a blog.
  • I visited the US Supreme Court during a time when others were quiet.
  • I’m not afraid to share my mind online and be well liked. 
  • I love Todd Spitzer and he won his election with negative press.
  • I wrote a book I have not published yet.

I’m the kind of person who makes others look better and that is because I am known and I am loved by my audience, who has relied on me over the years to focus on things we do like, without being disrespectful to those who are successful interfere with their ability to connect with their audiences and to be given praise. 

Once it’s a fight it doesn’t stop not until the impetus is stopped. The impetus is not something I will know but it will be about something that someone takes personally on behalf of someone who thinks that I deserve to be punished, this is why the gay issue or not having sex issue was pushed into calling me something that I am not. Liking people who like you is not offensive, what is offensive is when you identify with someone you don’t like then punish them as though it is not me, but you, who do not want to be read, I read myself not my audience, you can tell this because my face has been the same my whole life, and had friends my whole life. 

What is a bite? There are people who bite at you in reference to you to attract attention to themselves, and then there are bites as to you, who seek to make you seem lesser than them, in order to make themselves look better. This is a mental health recovery blog, I don’t care to read any new books on schizophrenia, because that was a way to insult me, to cause others to react poorly toward me, to make my writing seem obscure or mentally ill. I’m not mentally ill. I don’t have mentally ill thoughts about life, my Country, or the people who bite off of me, to them that is happiness, to talk about something that others know about and can relate to, that’s their version of helping others, to make others relate to them and not me, and declare me as someone who has inside of them something disorganized that doesn’t make sense on paper or to others, I think that disorganization is caused by: insult, name calling, and voices. 

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