medical care or legal care?

What’s Done is Done …

There’s one thing you can’t rely on a worse condition to explain or rationalize what has been there’s bound to be pieces missing.

Getting docked points for accuracy and breadth is about what you know and speak of or leave out there will always be higher bases for thinking in the positive. Seems like a nightmare occurs upon doing well either you’ve punished yourself or allowed others to steer your course in life through insult it seems to be the pattern of hardship either wrongs are made right through the suffering of others as directed or they are able to empower others to not get stuck thinking the same sometimes the clearer it gets the easier it becomes to not harp on the negatives when a result occurs not congruent to the intended purpose for delay and suffering you may not be able to explain the observation and instinct of those helping you but it becomes one more side against you in life if read into it could be that they are prepared to fight and you have not read into them in that way expecting for it.

By what insults or admissions is one to be viewed as defective or schizophrenic it must be a public admission of a heard admission announced to all and if you are not clear on what is considered admission then don’t bring up the voices you hear or what’s just happened to you it’s unlikely your side will be taken if the goal is to prove a similar insult of non accepting or obtuse or spoiled or not gifted I have never shrouded myself in wellness if it was inappropriate to be well as you can see a day of giving up and boundaries and no texting has turned into a Spanish speaking mirror conversation it could definitely be the case of what’s heard in error of me.

I think the goal of preventing rape innuendos is to practice the innuendo on you to see how you feel that’s the requisite punishment to a woman who is not seen as good if those before her present are well and not seeking revenge it must be a new condition of doing well popular online.

I wouldn’t be able to write if it was the case that I’ve harmed anyone who loved me I think I do my best to make things last and sometimes with mental health treatment comes first you can’t weather the issues without affecting who you know on a different basis.

With mental health issues it’s easy to be mistaken for offender, scared, intimidated, loose lipped, or combative, upsets easily, or obnoxious, doesn’t fit the bill misshaped, or face created not improved to an original form. You can’t control how you age or the meds given and I think it’s a common condition of women who are entering their 40s to get work done. I don’t think it’s to look younger but getting face cream and sleeping well is about not becoming something different than I appear in photos.

I would never pretend to be prettier than I am if more feminine than I’m capable nor should anyone be offended by a voice octave or demeanor. The changes go with the territory of not dating or not being fit to date casually it must be a in your 20s a phenomenon and I never thought twice of it or foresee that one day if discontinued becomes harder to be loved if you are not prepared for advances in life.

It’s good to wait just explain to those interested what your issues are to me that’s better than functioning and not having sex won’t make sense to anyone who doesn’t know that you’ve gotten sick and lost relationships in life because you were not doing well or not yourself.

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