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We All Have a Dark Side …

Ever wonder about that side of you that gets upset, or winds up in pain, feels a splash of jealously every now & then, or defiant to criticism, yeah that side of you that’s tough, that doesn’t put up with moody people, that rolls their eyes in the face of embarrassment, that keeps their chin up, yeah that side, the one who’s confident that doesn’t buy into peoples feelings, that looks beyond the issue at hand, yeah that version of you.

A part of us always wants to feel smart, not outsmarted, behind in life, in the know. The proactive side of you who doesn’t put up with people in life, yeah that side of you that’s so rest assured their on path that nothing in their way can stop them from becoming successful. Yeah that side of you. Have you ever lost that side of you that keeps going? Sure we have it’s called lack of motivation and having our feelings hurt. It happens.

Confidence. It’s a personality trait of those who make fewer mistakes than most, who walk into a room and everyone’s nice to them, who rarely disappoints, and who others are impressed by, the in demand personality trait of the successful on the ball or getting the ball rolling, they wander less & find themselves found more times than a person trying to achieve is capable of being situated similarly.

Are you able to get things done, and what if anything is keeping you from moving forward in life. Reflect, regroup, & persevere. We are constantly reminded that “everyone has problems,” so shout about it or not, how does it make you look to struggle or complain, at what point do you need to take a step back and say hey I got here, I’m staying here, that place called happiness! We may smile and nod our way there and once we get there guard our territory like our life depends on it, explains why people who work are so hard headed and not into many things or ideas especially incomplete projects or people who aren’t making money.

Minimum wage is $16/hr boy have things changed, I remember working a $8/hr job in marketing in law school. So what does that mean? People are more confident, people are feeling better, people are motivated to go back to work, people feel good about themselves who work hard & are paid. What does getting a paid job mean, to me it means your work and your time is valuable and the paycheck is what certifies that you are a competent worker who can work independently with little training or direction and can get assignments done within the time frame requested for & meet deadlines. That’s hard to do being new anywhere, so just keep going until you’re that type of worker who starts working right away and picks up on things quick.

So why talk about the dark side? It’s your private life the one who dates, hooks up, goes on online shopping sprees, buys in bulk, buys two of everything, goes to AA meetings, used to try dating on apps, yeah that dark side the one who’s free with their body and their mind, at what point do you stop selling yourself short in life listening to negative commentaries and start setting bigger goals for yourself. What makes you feel good?

I don’t see social media as dark, or addiction, and everytime anyone tries to convince me that it’s bad for my health I wonder well I’ve made it this far somehow on social media to a more self assured place in life getting feedback from others and likes than I have relying on real life relationships alone. To me social media is where you can maintain the version of yourself you want to appear as until it happens for you in real life.

Just recently I’ve been asked to model for stores online and be paid. And that gives me an opportunity to model in real life or apply, I think I’d be proud of 1 professional print photo that would be a fun job for me. For someone who’s been made to feel insecure her whole life to lose weight and had difficulty. Sometimes embracing other sides of you helps I don’t think I would have been asked had I not modeled for men in private on social media. You’ll discover sides of you that appreciate and wants attention when you’re feeling good and feeling loved.

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