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I was an LLM Law Student who studied Financial Compliance and Risk Management, graduated Summer 2020, after completing my Dissertation. I am an Alexa Certified Blogger and have been Ranked 47,103 in the US, and a Top 100 Personal Development Blogger listed as #55 on Feedspot. I have written two books and want to publish a book one day professionally (need to save up to afford the publishing fee why the delay), and blog here on WordPress and on mymollydoll.com (recently deactivated due to costs).

Throughout my work I share about set back, and how I have overcome set back whether that be failure, losing my JD, losing my home in difficult times, having trouble finding work, staying in a job and being happy, working through internships and gain valuable work experience to get a paid job one day, breakups and how to be loved again getting back in touch with men who have loved me and who are proud of me and support me and where I am in life today. There are so many things to talk about in life, the goal is to stay positive, we cannot help when things become overwhelming, the goal is to work through those feelings and get back to a place when you feel confident, able, and motivated to improve once again. The goal is to be consistent, whether thats here online being presentable and the best version of myself, or in real life or in private, stay in a good place in life, and be able to help others achieve for themselves in life, unaffected by our troubles, I think thats what we all hope for, the best.

Themes on my Instagram include: Twitter Quotes, Self-Help Quotes, Analytics, Ranking, IMDb membership information (for sharing my story, input, analysis, interpretations, and insights), Humor, Memes, Selfies, Fitness Goals, Certificates, Credentials, CBT thought diary, AA progress and attendance goals, and who I like and what I admire about them, and how I am improving with thanks to those people in my life, there for me.

I am organized to the best of my ability. I am always doing my best, I hope that what I present in life is just as easy to read, as my present state is easy to live, behave, and do well in spite of what I have ever been through during the course of mental health struggles, and be the person I was before I encountered mental health issues, strong, resilient, compassionate, hardworking, and stable. Sharing to me is better than not saying anything at all, and hope that by sharing, this helps to create for more acceptance of people working through their problems no matter what they look like and sound like.

Not every published author will look like a magazine, newspaper, or million dollar book thats been edited and reviewed by professionals, some of us are just bloggers doing all the work ourselves and doing our best to keep track of everything in the process, on our own. Ive always been working toward writing a book, since beginning on Twitter, I think that its by improving that you become of value to any reader, and the value of what you have to say, should always be something that makes sense, now, before, and in the future, what is the most balanced way to talk about life and to share our opinions on matters, writing what is of value to hear, without getting stuck on whats frustrating about life, nothing is impossible. I believe with writing, there are more things possible than difficulty allows for, its a tool to get your mind out of feelings, and to put your mental focus on things that make sense to you, put into words, and go from there. We all have everything to lose when we are not doing well or feeling well, the goal is to stay in an upswing in life, so that when you hit hurdles or get knocked down, you don’t go six feet under and recover from those downs in life, and get strong again. Be strong for who knows you, be strong for who loves you, be strong for yourself, and overcome difficulty so that you have a future that is not hard, hard to hear, hard to see, hard to think of, or hard to hear about. Living a good life to me, means being someone to know in life, who others benefit from in knowing, feel good about themselves and apart of.

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