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While you are not told what the risks are to sharing online, there have been few less discussed in detail, such as what is being done with the information you share online in social media, and in general online, by email and online storage options. We all have the privilege to share as we go, and its to your benefit to share and save the posts you like and would want to view again. There is no such thing as being coded to any specific number of ideas or identities, that would be limiting an understanding of life, to relate to specific ideas or people, that won’t necessarily embolden that communication being conveyed by the person, if connected to some idea or person abstract that does not make sense in the mind of the viewer how connected, or in what relationship to the person is being represented through another.

Here are a list of people I am in communication with (have messaged):

  1. Ari Emanuel
  2. Justice Roberts
  3. Justice Sotomayor
  4. Justice Alito
  5. Justice Thomas
  6. LAPD
  7. FBI
  8. NYPD
  9. FBI New York
  10. FBI Los Angeles
  11. FBI Cybersecurity
  12. UK House of Commons
  13. WHO
  14. Mark Zuckerberg
  15. Los Angeles Times
  16. Fox News
  17. Greg Gutfeld
  18. Judge Jeanine Pirro
  19. Dan Brown
  20. Barack Obama
  21. Usarmy
  22. President Trump
  23. Senator Rand Paul
  24. Brady
  25. Jonah Hill
  26. Eminem
  27. UCLA Health
  28. Tiger Woods
  29. The Academy
  30. Julia Roberts
  31. Recording Academy / Grammys
  32. Leonardo DiCaprio
  33. Kourtney Kardashian
  34. Kim Kardashian
  35. Fashion Week
  36. Maroon 5
  37. Skylar Grey
  38. Joaquin Phoenix
  39. Justin Bieber
  40. Pink
  41. Billie Eilish
  42. Britney Spears
  43. Jamie Lee Curtis
  44. Senator Marco Rubio
  45. Fast Company
  46. Heidi Klum
  47. Taylor Swift
  48. Neil Gorsuch
  49. Hillary Clinton
  50. Mark Wahlberg
  51. Lebron James
  52. Meta
  53. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  54. Celine Dion
  55. Governor Ron DeSantis
  56. Jada Pinkett Smith
  57. CHP South Los Angeles
  58. Louboutin World
  59. Pope Francis
  60. Matt Damon
  61. Dale Moss
  62. Botched TV
  63. Boris Johnson
  64. AAS Suicidology
  65. Drew Barrymore
  66. Prince William
  67. Coldplay
  68. Fredrikek Lundny
  69. Gabi Fresh
  70. Vanessa Bryant
  71. Matt Kuchar
  72. Amazon
  73. NTSB Gov
  74. The Trevor Project
  75. General Assembly
  76. Endeavor
  77. MTV Catfish
  78. Musicares
  79. Merriam Webster
  80. David Cameron
  81. Francesca Eastwood
  82. Camila Coelho

Being online has its benefits and it has its risks, mostly being online makes it difficult to talk to people in real life, no one contacts you, and its hard to get replies from others. People find it easier to talk about you with someone else, and treat you as though you are not to be bothered, or not capable of carrying on a conversation with them about yourself, so they would rather talk to someone else and hear what they have to say about you. No one is really an expert on me, except those who knew me before I started blogging, know who I really am. I think after blogging there were periods when I impressed, and people could not believe the person I am today, so talkative and social, compared to my year in isolation, not being social and sober, it was a way for me to get back out into the world, and practice my social skills and be there for others, in a positive way, sharing quotes and blog posts. I think things took a turn for the worst, when struggling with mental health issues, I think were triggered and exacerbated by being exposed, I was hospitalized at home Spring 2020 taken off day meds for two weeks, and again Spring 2021, I visited a rehab at a home that was dual diagnosis, to treat what was diagnosed as “schizophrenia.”

I think being online, allows you to put yourself out into the world, to allow for others to compare facts, and compare stories, and create timelines for themselves, where were they in relationship to where you were during a particular period in time and what was trending, to determine whether you were a victim to some “code” you did not understand, or judge you for not “understanding code,” and feeling sick when others were doing well, not to your knowledge or input yet online, think was about you, or making fun of you. I don’t think you get “roasted” until everyone knows you, and you have presented yourself online to be known to all a “household name,” therefore it is not possible for me to be considered the subject or cause of a “fire” near my house on “Tigertail,” where Jim Carrey used to live. I started writing my first book after the first fire, being faced with life threatening circumstances that could not be explained on the news, how and why it was happening, it seems like everyone just short hands, fire and this is where she lives, and because a fire was attacking this region near her house, that that means the fire was intended to attack her, at her house, why my location is being posted online, to open up my identity and location information, to declare me as something Im not, a trigger for violence, fire, or war.

Part of the reason to connect with others, is because they have a greater social reach in life than me online, while my analytics are not consistent, and while Im not currently in distribution, Im not laying low on purpose, its because I can’t afford the $400 to re-launch mymollydoll.com and the $200/month to get likes to my blog posts distributed by a blog post distributor professionally. Its important that your thoughts be consistent with what is in the best interests to all, and sometimes you won’t recognize a hardship until after the damage is done, and when its not your fault, others expecting an explanation from you about what the reasons for a fire etc were, in relationship to what you were doing with your life at the time that occurred. At the time that occurred “fire” I was working on graduating from law school, finishing my dissertation, and putting together a book, because I was not blogging online. I started posting “blog posts” and opened my website 2018, while working in film, in response to what I was feeling discomfort, following events. Then there was a fire and a school shooting, while I was working in film, I was not at that time leading any campaign, I had only successfully applied for one award, I think was premature at the time it was assembled, because the only people in connection to the award, were the organizations I volunteered with, and the people that I know, which were my family, my five best friends, and friends from college. Therefore its not okay as an outsider to be watching everything go down in another state, and claim that you know the reasons for that going down in another state, based on one specific person you know who lives where, and has connections anywhere in the world, claim that you think that their identities are known also, or by your understanding of someones life, think that everyone knows her and everyone connected to her too. Just because you know a person, does not give you the right to convince others that I am some kind of “shady” person, who doesn’t do the right thing, and doesn’t tell the truth, everything I do is to contribute to belief that the world is safe and that things will work out, and how I am able to demonstrate those facts of life, are by leading a good life, and for things to work out for me, as well as work out for audience members, no matter how they see the world, searching for meaning on their own. I think when you try to establish a guilt, doing something after the fact, does not establish that that was what I was doing with my life, at the time that those incidences occurred, and its not okay to wrongfully accuse a person who is working 9am to 9pm everyday, with only time to sleep on weekends, and no time after work for any activities, to have the time to be thinking about life in a way, or talking to others outside of work in a powerful way, that’s controlling, or attention grabbing, I was not that loud, I was not that vocal, and I was not that detailed, nor had anything time consuming to think about or argue at the time of beginning work. When you work, you don’t have problems, that is how you have the mental capacity to be doing things with your life, without being antsy, and keep still.

Being online subjects you being watched by others and studied, and while you may not consider yourself a participant to the research of others, face it, when youre online, people are concentrating on what you look like, when you look like that, what you are doing, what meds youre taking, who youre talking to, what you sound like, and what you look like, and what are the reasons for when you are well or not well, and what causes “voices,” assuming that to be a condition received by someone who is haunted or who has done wrong. Being treated as b$tich in life, is a condition of someone who has done wrong in a jail setting who is b$tched around by others, put down, and beaten up, on the basis of assuming there to be something wrong with them, or on the basis of what they have thought or been told that they have done wrong to themselves, or to others, and that then becomes the justification for not caring when someone gets “voices,” thinking they are being caused based on someone actions or beliefs and not the cause or core of the issue having to do with others, which is the ultimate dilemma faced by someone with mental health issues, why people stay away from people, who they are told negatives about. Its to not be affected by what they have going on in their mind, or their life, not be exposed to sickness. I think sickness is demonstrated in how you carry yourself, so its not in my best interests, to be social, drink, go out, try drugs, or do anything risky in terms of seeming like Im aloof, or carefree, that’s when I get attacked, anytime I am happy and things are going right for me, is when that belief in me gets interfered with and destroyed, by heckling me and attacking me as though they are me, its my life, so when Im away from people that’s to keep my issues to myself. I think people get the wrong idea about knowing me, as though they are in the same shoes as me, that’s not team spirit, or “team USA,” or proper “code red ethics,” to put people in the same shoes as you to see like you, to understand the world, you have to allow people to be on the outside, now if we can just get the outside to not be so accusatory or resentful toward anyone who they think has a free ride in life, meaning can think act and speak without repercussion, everything I say I am responsible for, and that goes for anything that doesn’t help or makes things worse. It would not be in my best interest to make things worse by making things more about me, if there is now a presence online trying to declare me as defective, then make a code without my input, make a code without my identity, and make a code without my philosophy, that would be a better idea than talking about suicide, which is hard to believe, once Im connected to all makes no sense to declare me as “mentally ill, “ over something that you cant put together without knowing me in life.

I am now studying, citiprogram.org, “Human Subjects Research – IRB – Biomedical and Social Behavioral – Educational Combined.” According to this course on research, there are 3 Ethical Principles to be followed, according to the Belmont Report: (1) Respect for Persons, (2) Justice, and (3) Beneficence.

Respect yourself enough not to read too much into the actions of others for what they are trying to communicate, everyone wants to live a meaningful life, but hurting others is not how you demonstrate that you are smart or doing the public a service, by eliminating a person from the list of people to respect in life, especially when they have not harmed you. When you are faced with controversy that others are calling “schizophrenia,” they are treating you as someone who has things wrong to blame you for things going wrong, assuming that there is something wrong with your thinking that is contributing to the action or inaction of another affecting their thinking, who and what you get related to in life, is based directly on your face, by composite sketch, will dictate who is watching you, who is on you, who is in you, and what is going through you, will directly show up on your face, which photo imaging can determine, whether its in you, happened to you, your identity, or a changed state, figure out why.

Here are “my rights,” and here are “your rights,” as a reader to my blog:

Written by citiprogram.org in “History and Ethical Principles – SBE (ID 490)

  1. “Respect for persons incorporates at least two ethical convictions: first, that individuals should be treated as autonomous agents, and second, that persons with diminished autonomy are entitled to protection … Autonomy means that people must be empowered to make decisions concerning their own actions and well-being.”
  2. “Individuals are given a choice to participate in research … Provided with sufficient information and possess the mental competence to make that choice.”
  3. “Individuals with “diminished decision-making capacity” may lack the ability to comprehend study procedures or how participating in a study might adversely affect them … They also must be free to end their participation for any reason, without consequences.”
  4. “The informed consent process involves three key features: (1) disclosing to potential research subjects information needed to make an informed decision; (2) facilitating the understanding of what has been disclosed; and (3) promoting the voluntariness of the decision about whether or not to participate in the research.”
  5. “Humphreys maintained that the researcher’s obligation to protect respondents from harm was a critical ethical assumption. [share about what is done] without their knowledge … [while raising awareness for] the ethical concerns are invasion of privacy, lack of informed consent, and a failure to protect against deductive disclosure of identity.”
  6. Beneficence [means]: “Persons are treated in an ethical manner not only by respecting their decisions and protecting them from harm, but also by making efforts to secure their well-being …Two general rules have been formulated as complementary expression of beneficent actions in this sense: (1) do not harm and (2) maximize possible benefits and minimize possible harms.”
  7. “Even so the goal for researchers is to conduct research where risks to subjects are reasonable in relation to anticipated benefits …The most common risks of harm are psychological distress surrounding sensitive research and inadvertent disclosure of private identifiable information.”
  8. “Studies of sexuality, mental health, interpersonal violence, and illegal activities may create feelings of distress, as well as risk of embarrassment and reputational harm if private information that would not ordinarily be shared with a stranger or outsider, becomes public … Social and behavioral sciences research has the potential to cause psychological and even physical distress … Other risks of harm may be social or reputational.”
  9. “1977 book, Saints, Scholars, and Schizophrenics: Mental Illness in Rural Ireland, ethnographer Nancy Scheper-Hughes reflected upon failing to protect the confidentiality and dignity of her subjects who felt that she had violated their trust and depicted the community in an unflattering light.”
  10. “The Stanford Prison Experiment,” Philip Zimbardo’s 1971 landmark psychological study of the human response to captivity, specifically prison life … physical and psychological abuse of “prisoners” by “guards” escalated and several of the subjects experienced distress.”

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