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Why the Obsession? …

It’s true that we can become so obsessed with our own thoughts that we will speak to scenarios created in our minds, ingrained in our memories, and wind up where, exactly to the feelings we describe, where is the growth in that? Memory needs no exact science to decipher exactly where a feeling came from or what a feeling was about, instead remember yourself as you are now, whenever you are coming out of a very traumatic period on life, the less you remember the more shocking it seems for you to have come out of states in which not even you recognized the causes for those feelings.

Some call it “amnesia” or a “loss of memories,” this can include what you were thinking or feeling at the time you are recalling yourself as you were at a different point in time, why journaling helps, there is no better way to go backwards and to see what you were thinking, other than to record your thoughts that day, and track your own progress, what’s standing out to you that you need to work on, what is not working for you, and what is bothering you or keeping you from achieving a sense of peace and fulfillment with how your life is going, who is in your life, and value those moments. Not being able to stay on a tangent, is always a frustrating part of writing, balancing from your own perspecitive, versus what someone else wants to understand or be heard through your words represented, remember to go back, are you representing from your own perspective too. Why is this important, just as you pave the way for mutual understanding of your work showing that you can comprehend a variety of perspectives on topics, you will want mutual understanding in return which side is more important the helper or those being helped, those being helped, so keep that in mind whenever you stress any importance over coping mechanisms, if you dont have those skills yourself, it will be hard to encourage and teach others how to get through feelings that you are struggling with maintaining in yourself, be a solid person to help others, it’s all apart of the being taken seriously bit in life, it’s so upon taking on the task of being of help to others, someone who is not as strong as you, feels comforted by your presence and clarity, so keep that in check, its what you can provide feeling wise, is the reassurnace you will be able to provide to others, its not an exchange or reward system emotionally.

The goal is to help others out of feelings negative, so do your job and be a positive person to being with. Negativity is so damaging to your input and functioning it makes everything shut down and it seems like nothing can so motivate you to improve upon anything not working for you anymore, whether thats an attitude or understanding, if youre not drawn toward bettering those pieces of you, then there must be something more important to work on first, finding order in chaos, what are your strengths. Recovering from self-doubt is the first step to veer away from belittling yourself or wind up belittling the experiences of others, when everything is about you, or fixing your own feelings, what helps is showing how to fix a feeling, not describing the feeling itself. Get out of what you cannot describe yourself rather than make a feeling about anything else or anyone else affecting that moment in time, you are you, so not unless you demonstrate that you have overcome an issue, can a faith be viewed as having the capability of being restored in another, those recovered from traumas or difficulties, provide positive encouragement to anyone new to a problem, if it can be done, then all the more motivation to start working on yourself to get yourself to a better place in life. So show that you understand others with differing issues, explain what it must feel like to interact and try to help someone with your own condition, then  make sure to clarify the dimensions of your own experiences in life and what characteristics, inhibit your growth, where are each of your limited, well we each have different memories and things to apply what we have learned to. So take that into consideration.

If you want to relate to more people, and if you want more people to feel helped by you, then show that you can identify the issues and dilemmas in trying to help someone of your stature, and at what point it becomes your responsibility to help yourself, the good old balance of burden, when it’s a good time to reach out and check on others, and when is it a good time to give people time to catch up on what they need to work on, focus on yourself, and allow for relationships to occur naturally, someone busy working on themselves in life, is impossible to make any demands from, it’s like asking for something that someone needs for themselves their time and energy focusing on themselves. To turn the page, and work on something new. Pay attention to the tone of your voice, how you sound will affect how you are treated in life and what people will think of you, if its important be clear and detailed. If its upsetting, really stress why, and if it can be better said in words, then its not something you need to record yourself saying. If its hard to get the words out, we are strong but something work better than others when it comes to getting our ideas onto paper and in our memory banks. Sometimes to visualize where we are headed in life thinking wise, we need to build a clear path for us to move forward with. What is self-help? It’s pretty much being able to guide yourself back to safety in thinking, where is your normal zone, how can you get back to that state of mind, when everything is done, dealt with, nothing else is coming to mind, means you have processed through a freeze in life, or difficult series of feelings. Self-help has been defined as “the action or process of bettering oneself or overcoming one’s problems without the aid of others especially : the coping with one’s personal or emotional problems without professional help.”

So what is self-help, its coming up with a system that works for you and practicing that system everyday until you are able to identify and figure out how to achieve a feeling in life or get out of a period of discomfort or failed performance. Post failure its about why you don’t feel good and figuring out why you don’t feel good, appreciate where you are, and not be too hard on yourself for where you are not in life, if we can all get there eventually, a better state of mind, then focus on what needs to get done in order for you to feel accomplished if thats apart of you feeling free like everything is okay and ope yourself up to more creative thinking, such as figuring out future plans in life, seeing your own personal growth comes as a credit to getting something done now to organize and lighten the load of your present feelings, the less you have to deal with, the better you will feel, and the better you feel the more motivated you will be to take on more in life, or challenge yourself to more responsibilities in life. How should your thoughts be representing visually or auditory, depends on your focus that day, and whats easiest, we all need more sit down patience pay attention be calm skills. Clarity is all about in what you see in yourself and your progress, why notetaking and journaling helps, it allows you gauge and time how much effort to put into an area in life that needs work, thinking about a problem is more time consuming the just saying exactly what the issue is in paper or recording, that virtual outline in your head is you identifying what needs work and from there you make progress, feeling good by working on the elements to your outline of things to improve upon, and later on if you ever want to teach steps to your progress, you’ll have your own notes, details, and pitfalls to watch out for. When trying to help others leave things open, the more room to think the better, the more rigid and misdirected the options become, the less capable a person feels in achieving a goal toward what any recommendation suggests. The more time you spend on the details the more comfortable others will be to listen or read along, focus more on whats working and why, than waste time convincing anyone that something easy to accomplish at first glance should be made complicated in any way by applying it to more and more instead of less and less, get a few things done well, thats perfection, the best solid representation of an idea sought to be conveyed, wihtout drawing too much attention to anything unhelpful, which could make up the other elements to working on a solution for yourself, highlight what is working for you, not on what is not working for someone else, its never your decision to judge or tell someone what their issue is and why things are not working out for them in life. Get your headings down, how can you briefly describe the key parts of grasping a concept, and do you have awareness for whats been suggested, difficult topics are best represented in an organized way, not overwhelm people in need of quick solutions to identify their own problems, before moving on to other strategies maybe more time consuming than just create a better ordering system to how a problem is dealt with, such as how they apply themselves, aware of things as they arise in stead of after the fact regretting and being hard on themselves not right the first time around. The more thoughtful the presentation, the easier it is to digest the most important stuff, like powerpoint presentation, there is a method to science of understanding, make it look easy. 

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