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What does a focus on mental health teach you, it’s not just to get your mind off others things to be told to focus on yourself but it serves a purpose for preparing you in advance in case things come up to not be affected by. The more in control you are of your own emotions the less loss of control you’ll feel in the event things go wrong or become difficult for you mentally, to rationalize or make sense of in life.

How can we learn from people who struggle with mental health issues? While observing your own struggles in life there is always so much to learn from those who maybe have less, have achieved less, or who have fallen behind in life. It’s not always anyones fault, much about life is about being selected and how you represent yourself and others. Take the time to get to know yourself, and fear less, there is always someone else in life who has it worse, if not for yourself be strong for them.

On social media we see many “perfect blogs” “organized” “sorted” “well planned” but not all blogs perform in the same way by teaching coachable steps toward improvement. Sometimes there is a lot to learn simply hearing from someone discuss what has or has not worked from them, following someone who has gotten stronger over time, that would be me.

It’s been said that, “People who are more actively engaged in their own well-being are more likely to be able to manage existing or potential conditions.” [1] Sharing online is how I take accountability for the progress I make and by sharing that progress hope you inspire others to do the same. That it’s okay to have these thoughts about life and what’s more important is to focus on the things you feel well by focusing on what makes sense to you and not worry too much how things look.

I’ve found that the less affected I am by what’s not going well, the more confident it means that I believe in things will get better. When someone is strong or sounds well you would think they’re unaffected or pretending or not going through a hard time, what you learn to do as a writer is to perform under all conditions and to not allow what’s pressing or stressful to interfere with how you talk about life, what you share about life, and likewise not affect others by what is believed should affect you in the negative.

We don’t need to suffer or to become sick to prove those points right about what people see all we have to do is talk about things so that those perspectives are acknowledged and not allow any perspective to affect the functioning and performance of people in life and their ability to achieve and live normal lives. It is also said that: “Self-empowered people take control of their lives by setting goals and taking actionable steps to achieve them.” [2]

If you can’t learn this for yourself then maybe that’s why I feel like my blog is important, because it illustrates how things can go well and how I was able to make things go well for me in life despite what has gone wrong and what has affected me.

What is teamwork it’s not allowing for things to get worse not by anyones condition or diagnosis. I’ve stated to #toddspitzer that that’s not my idea of leadership to force others to go by eachother or one individual when it comes to how to be or communicate to others, the overarching theme is not to make fun of someone or to blame circumstances and beliefs on exposures you either me or others who have suffered from mental health issues.

Recently I read a book that discussed this, “Shared Psychotic Disorder – PubMed.” [3] “Shared psychotic disorder (folie à deux) is a rare disorder characterized by sharing a delusion among two or more people in a close relationship.” -If anything things have gotten better since my blog started doing better no deaths by drugs, alcohol, or suicide, that’s how important it is for me to blog and to share to not allow people to give up or turn to substances that cause their symptoms to worsen and learn to accept the symptoms they get in life and be more confident while coping with those symptoms.

Although no one is to blame when people give up, it’s also hard to make me accept that you would think my mentality or vernacular is an unwanted presence online or on IMDb it’s not delusion I’m applying for a Shorty Award, it’s about not respecting the gifts of others and not supporting people if you are made to feel bad for respecting them any less or thinking less of them. That’s the treatment I get in life, thinks I’m schizophrenic, puts me in treatment or meds, and so long as you go by negative judgment don’t blame me in the event that I abide what I’m declared as and things don’t go right maybe that means I should work, I should date, I should be social, and I should apply for a Shorty Award, work and continue to build my blog a create a resource for others to cope likewise not be made to feel sick.


[2] https://online.maryville.edu/blog/self-empowerment/

[3] https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/31095356/

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