Hello and Welcome to [mymollydoll.com], my name is Leslie Fischman. I am a law school graduate with an MSL in Risk Management and Compliance, and previously attended a JD program and wanted to become an Attorney, I have since decided to be a Blogger. I am a Top 100 Personal Development and Self Improvement Blogger and listed among the Top 60 Blogs and Websites Los Angeles on Feedspot. I have been writing quotes since 2013, when I created my pen name on Twitter, its a combination of body image issues, femininity, and humor with regards to what it means to be an American Girl, the makers of the first “Molly” Doll. I have previous experience as a certified crisis hotline counselor and as a law clerk for various government organizations that provide much needed services to those in need. Similarly, I wanted to provide help to anyone trying to write but not knowing where to start. We all have a story to be shared, says Torah, who started #leverageyourstory.

Notice: The following stories shared from my life, are private and personal interpretations of what I have found important while overcoming bipolar, and the extent to which these thoughts have played a significant role in my understandings of reality, what is true, what is not true, versus what is thought by me or others without proof. Throughout my journey in recovery (sober and clean), while finishing my law degree, it has always been more important for me to be honest and err on the side of talking about things rather than holding things in. The only problem being, who to talk to. Its only until you lose everything in life, sometimes that you become something improved, and without understanding what has gone wrong, sometimes you cannot make things right. I hope that by sharing accounts from my life, I can help make a better person of myself, as well as help others who too may be struggling finding their way in the world, find success too through writing. <start somewhere>. This blog has been discontinued, and have recently moved to WordPress. Thank you for your understanding and consideration paid to my mental health issues, and please excuse off days. 

The following insights have been created based upon my thoughts for the day, thinking about life, whats going well for me, and what needs work. Always honest about the status of my mental health, have never pretended to be well or smarter than I am. I am not competitive. Have been independent the majority of my life, and have been sober only drinking my senior year in college, one semester. Prior to this website I may have shared private and personal interpretations of life, in short on Twitter, that may not have demonstrated in an intelligent way, what I have been through in life, and on what basis I stopped appearing as a professional, or made to talk about life in public. What I have found important while overcoming bipolar, is the need to stay on meds as prescribed, I realize that you are only strong for as long as you can stay well and thats how to best help others. Once you let yourself be affected in a negative way, that shows that you are not happy with yourself, or not able to make another person happy. Being self-destructive doesnt help to restore faith in yourself, nor does it make you any stronger as a person, or cause you to feel any better about yourself, its best to write and figure out that way, what it is that youre about, rather than be too self-conscious. Respect the reservations of others, and always speak highly of yourself, if you get diagnosed with bipolar many will not understand your limits in life, or appreciate having experienced any type of psychosis, or loss of intelligent input. Dont let anyone experiment with your health, what people think matters, and never say or do anything to change the way people think about you, when compared to how others are doing in life, everyones health matters, why its important to stay smart, and not put yourself in harms way, There is a risk to sharing your problems out loud, you have one opportunity to prove that you are of value, and if you dont recognize that you are of value, that is how you can be treated as not being of value, treated like appearing well is easy, or having anything to do with circumstances outside of your control, not affected or made intimidated by anyones inputs in life, whether or not influenced by you, directed to you, or played upon in a way, not to inform you of what others have been through too. Focus on yourself more than others, and if youre lucky the rest will fall into place. In studying me, or my thoughts, when you cant understand anothers condition, that is what hurts. Never enter a state of instability in public, thats not where to reflect on life, write, or be at peace, its in your time away from everyone, that you will later come to understand the importance of not thinking about life too much, and staying well to actually have people in your life, trust is earned, and easily lost. I did not recognize (2020) when I did not sound like myself, we all get smarter over time, there is no formula to confidence its not saying anything in a way to devalue anothers opinion toward you, you are always responsible for what you respond to in life, do so with care. The goal is to outgrow your problems in life, not sound immature or not appreciate the progress of everyone during a difficult year, no matter what goes wrong for you in life, own your faults, and your battles, and do your best to help others. Something Ive recently been struggling with, not understood to care for the right reasons attending Laker Games my whole life, and not make myself vulnerable to negative interpretation, if Ive ever responded in a professional way. Not everyone gets the short hand of what was something you’ve done to help anyone who does care, and not put in harms way anyone from your life including yourself. That would be painful to have improved or to ever be hurt, not viewed as being helpful in a positive way. Everyone has reasons for not doing well, feeling tired, or underperforming in life. If anyone ever becomes defensive or takes personally any changes in you, (if you dont make good decisions and subject yourself to being hurt in life, thats a good time to get help not try to handle problems on your own, and spare yourself the heartache, or loss of respect from others, thats confidence and image). If anyone does not approve of what you are doing with your life, listen, that doesn’t mean that you wont stay well doing something else with your life, but it will also cause you pain, to not be doing well in life, or for others to become disappointed in you for not being able to stay well, and be your usual self positive and uplifting humorous. Dating has always played a significant role in my in life, and what I miss most, is not having to try too hard, and to get along with someone who is not too hard on me, accepts me the way I am. Everythings more intense and unstable when you are trying to put yourself back together and I dont think its that important to be a certain size, not unless you dont feel well, overweight, or feel like you look any different than you used to, which should not be because of any reasons in your control, such as staying fit, being smart, wearing makeup, getting along with others. So Im sorry for attracting the wrong attentions in life, if ever, not staying on point, I would never intend to get sick, or share any unnecessary information to worry anyone, if everyone is doing well and stable, thats not worth it, selfish to have any problems past the point of doing well and writing in a space that you have worked on to get well. Im sorry if my story ever became a sad story, or didnt help. 

Informed Consent: The goal was to do research and use the search engine google.com, and things later became personal and apologetic, and thats not a laughing matter, if you get sick, or if anyone else is made to feel sick, if you get hurt in life, or treated as though there is something wrong with you, that can be very hurtful, to deal with on your own, and not get hurt, or make a big deal out of something occurring but not known to everyone. Its best not to fight with anyone, that doesnt make you a stronger person. Im sorry if for any reason I was not made to sound well, or appear different, or given voices or not been able to take good care of myself professionally. Just like any life is important, those who have met you, will also feel hurt if you dont stay well and thats not something that a doctor can help me with heartbreak. If for any reason you do not wish to hear from me please notify my Attorney Richard Sudar at (310) 277-4112 or contact Legal Zoom who incorporated mymollydoll in the State of California, to avoid the use and misuse of materials here for monetary benefit elsewhere, at the expense of the story teller, those I vaguely mention in hindsight, or reference to as influences to me in my life. Recently, have been focusing on myself, to avoid the creation for content interactions, I am doing my best not to mention my life, even if I am different now, my life was special, it was never intended for me to be a blogger and to open up in a public way, you do so if you have something of value to say.

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WordPress: lesliefischman.com

​There is always time to report, run ideas past people, ask for forgiveness, be misunderstood, prove yourself, not get into the issues, not explain for self or others, or just speak in front of court, be approved, observed, I think the less room for inference you make it seem like you have some imagined intelligence, that is not coming from a good place, via study only in school no free reading for years, the less credible you become, the more you allow yourself to be influenced and changed, waiting on others for affirmation, just be good.

Update 04-19-22

Purpose for Blogging: I am currently working on Life Coach certificates on Udemy, and finishing CITI Research certificates online, paid for, to continue blogging with confidence. Hopefully, by sharing what is working for me, this can help others to get through their problems. To better understand those with disability, I am but one example, of a person able to describe the circumstances I have encountered in life, and how in a mature fashion got through it with flying colors, happy to be me again. Learning about my own disability and struggles in life, is to stress the concept of understanding people’s limits in life. Difficulties in thinking and acceptance for others create unnecessary odds. No matter what your disability is, you can again have friends, be supported, get help, improve through therapy and psychiatry, and stay out of trouble, not be treated as less than, and get jobs!


Email: mymollydoll.blog@gmail.com

Please email me if you have any questions, or looking for resources for blogging and want to know more about my background or credentials, and if you would like to guest post blog.

Right now I’m working on building a stable foundation for this new website of 3 years, so that I can add more references such as articles on paperli, I’m still learning how to build a website need to take a couple coding courses on Udemy for web development and WordPress.

Thank you for your patience.

Writing & Counseling Experience:

Submitted Honors Thesis (2007)

Certified Crisis Hotline Counselor

Wrote a Book with an Editing Company

Experience Blogging 2018-2022

AA Speaker and Meeting Leader

Law Clerk for Attorneys Representing Children in Court

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