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You never know who you’re going to meet in life who winds up helping you to see the positives in being written about or portrayed by others, it’s easy to be insulted when we think we are being imitated, not all imitations are a mockery of your good character or intended to paint a picture of you in the negative, it’s mostly for entertainment purposes that real life is used to share the story of others or specific individuals to whom a story is about necessary be told, because their story or life is of public interest. What determines whether a story is of public interest? “The Press Complaints Commission code defines the public interest as including but not confined to detecting and exposing crime, or serious impropriety; protecting public health and safety and preventing the public from being misled by an action or statement of an individual or organisation.” [1] According to, freedom expression is a protected right, reminding us that, “The public isn’t a cohesive group with a single point of view. Therefore nothing can be truly done in the ‘national interest’” it’s what’s in the story tellers best interests to decide whether to share their story or not. Whenever “Something can be done in the interest of truth, fairness, openness” [2] then it is to the benefit of the story teller to tell their story to offer an honest perspective of the issues to which they face, whether or not they are taken seriously by others. Not all stories are compelling nor do all feel compelled to share their points of view if necessary be told, about others, or themselves, as having known anyone who’s already been portrayed in the negative not to their knowledge or whether jokes are being directed toward them contribute in comradere to that viewpoint that someone is easy or not smart. There are many who share their stories to the benefit of others, whether they themselves benefit from the sharing of their story is a whole separate issue. Never blame someone who unintentionally makes another look in the wrong for defaming the good character of another always rise above, it’s the responsibility of anyone who thrusts themselves in public controversy to exit themselves from that point of controversy choosing to address or not address this issues. When coping with being of embarrassment to others, having attended rehab (2011), thats not for ammunition for people now to hurt my progress in life, and put me down for a prescribed medication. Therefore, that explains why others think it’s okay to criticize me for my work online as a blogger, thinking they have some equal right to express what they think about me blogging, as though I think I’m famous or am, or as though because I know someone famous, and grew up close to someone famous, that I think I’m bigger or better than I am and that it’s not a big deal to share my story, because they know people famous, it’s not the same. Ive been hospitalized 9x, which has had nothing to do with my previous relationships or friendships and everything to do with having a chemical imbalance which is none of anyone’s business how I got sick or why I’m on meds or why I have a learning disability, or was suicidal 2009. Blogging is a means for one to work, stay productive, it’s not a political platform, it’s not for spreading ideas, it’s not for notoriety, it’s not for fame, it’s not for re-use by others, someone’s story is not for re-use by others, that’s common sense. Especially for use by people who I don’t know not close to and without my permission, which is why I’m registered as a corporation to not be imitated to prevent further abuses of the law which is to make fun of me or my friends or my family, who are separate from my company and work online as a blogger. Why I don’t work for my Dad, to not affect his company, until my reputation is fixed, which is why it’s hard for me to get a job. Anyone making fun of me clearly shows no remorse nor sensitivity toward my condition as bipolar which has improved as a blogger. With greater acceptance for people with disabilities a little less seems shocking a little less response is needed to correct those negative viewpoints, and the easier it is to rise above regardless what anyone thinks of you or has thought of you past.



[2] Id at 1.

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