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Misinterpretation of Uses …

There’s a misinterpretation whenever there is a use of something made a second use, past the sharing of an introduction to ones story a real experience in life and a record of that experience kept or made and later made use of by another company who has benefited monetarily or went under, it was my drawing made after visiting the US Supreme Court and my idea to put helmets of the backing of their chairs around their heads. That was my idea my representation of them, as to be protected from unwanted interest. It’s not my story and later uses of my story for business purposes that is causing harm to their success but its harm to me that influences a negative take on my representation of myself as someone who bears guilt or like a Wolf movie identity is being used as though I don’t deserve to benefit from the sharing of my own life story or experiences in life knowledge or understandings. It’s upon discomfort felt when someone loses faith in you thinking you’ve done something wrong that an attack occurs by voices or energy occurs toward you such as hostility it’s based on how you are you are treated in life and that’s how trust is made or not made in life and it’s for the purposes of disempowerment that trust is questioned if I ever say anything that doesn’t settle with another as though I don’t do my best to be thorough in words explain my position my understandings in life without mention of anyone from my life who I am no longer connected to nor feel as apart of me that’s keeping myself separate it’s not people I am reading in life it’s me reading me and judging from the perspective of someone not liking me thinking critically of me what assumptions they jump to as misread your judge me as a: hooligan, addict, drug addict, or dealer of bad insights or insensitivities as though I’m immune from hurt trust me as someone without forethought compassion or understanding for the lives energies well being sensibilities peace and trust and ability of others it always seems to be my disposition changed at my own expense of accommodating who is trying or testing to see how I feel uncomfortable as though to restore their own comforts in life hearing from me as though I’m expected to bring comfort to someone who’s discomfort expressed toward me is deserved if one is well absent minded communications or hearing from me then what’s the matter with me writing online if they don’t hear or see me then what’s the problem caused to those who likewise met me and don’t hear from me? One was punishment at an AA meeting hospitalized 30 days and the last disconnection was not from punishment it was from focusing on my own wellness and doing my best to get well again after not feeling well that’s not addiction that’s responding to interrogation and being drained upon responding to someone who does not believe in me or trust me. My condition should not therefore influence or change anyone’s condition for that matter unless it’s to prove that my condition is poor or not well or unfit for cohabitation well interactions socialization dating or communication unstable, I’m stable I speak if necessary if I’m quiet I’m quiet I’m as honest as can be and if I don’t feel like speaking I don’t speak I’m not obligated to manage any chaos not caused by me and reserve every right to speak upon being well when I achieve peace when my head is clear not be tormented tested and put under pressure to speak to see what I’m like with my head gone or slow or not smart upset or confused or not well. That’s an unnecessary use of force to test for intelligence or reaction or condition of stroke or heart attack or hemangioma not be respected about my body.


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