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Lose Yourself …

There will be moments in life when you are yourself, disconnected from the past, past struggles, past outlooks, and then there are moments when you are reminded of your past, by what you share about yourself. There can be no self-growth, during moments of chaos, mental disturbance, confusion, heartache, heartbreak, when you don’t feel like yourself. That’s losing yourself. Be patient with yourself, and be consistent about your goals in life whatever they may be. Know that you will not always see like others and be aware that others may see you as something you are not. No matter how insulted you are, disheartened, made tired, losing motivation in life, stay true to yourself. Peer support is different than professional guidance and this is how a blogger differentiates themselves from a professional advisor like a lawyer or a doctor, who talks to you to open you up, or talk to you to educate you on ways that you can be helped, need help, or how to be helped. A blogger is someone who by their own experiences in life is given tools to help encourage others, not discourage others, to serve as an example of someone who’s overcome hardship, and not allowed themselves to fail in life no matter what difficulties they faced in life. We live in a culture that expects people to feel the same in order for understanding to be had and that’s wrong. No shared feelings or shared understandings are needed in life to treat someone with respect, respecting their privacy, respecting their improvements, and with respect for what they’ve been through pry. It’s not the problems faced by someone that makes them attractive or inspirational to others, but it’s by how they feel, how they look, in spite of everything they’ve been through that makes them a fun person to know, get to know, and eventually understand on a deeper level without question, that’s being human. Beauty is not a competition, between different people with different lives different exposures and different connections in life. You are your associations in life, control which moments in life you allow yourself to be defined by, don’t set limits to your personal growth by allowing others to put you down in life, not only will you stop growing, but when you don’t feel good about yourself, is how progress is stopped. There are no directions to overcoming bullying, it’s something you have to not allow to get to you in life, get under your skin, and destroy you from within, you have to separate yourself from people who no longer serve your best interests and who treat you in a hateful way based on your education and experience condescending toward you as though you are well or treat others as though you’re above them. And that’s a painful aspect of a kind of disrespect you face as a blogger treated poorly by someone who gets to know you on a personal level to destroy you in public on a larger scale cause you pain and suffering and mental disturbance. Who’s more important? You are. Above all else how you feel is more important than how someone else feels about you. You have to take care of yourself in order for things to go right for you in life, no one that hurts you can fix you or make things better for you once things take a turn for the worst. That’s someone who doesn’t value you doesn’t appreciate all your hard work doesn’t realize how long it took for you to develop and grow a blog and a following and someone who doesn’t know a thing about suicide, bipolar, and meds, sees themselves as above you. That’s an unnecessary use of force, threat, and intimidation of someone who means no harm, does her best, and isn’t looking for a fight.

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