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Although its gotten to be more competitive as the days go on, one thing is for sure, you are your words, just like reading that quiet space for recognizing and understanding what makes sense or feels good, the same thing goes for all conversations, maybe that’s not your clarity, but it could be the clarity of someone else, hearing from you, so keep that in mind no matter what state your in. In todays world, where less can be memorized, remember what is memorable and go from there, don’t allow yourself to be consumed by things or people who don’t suit you, it could mean the end of the world for you, and that’s your future, what you allow to get to you, get under your skin, bother you, and make you feel sick. So to avoid becoming some negative incantation of what doesn’t feel good, allow a space to be created in which there is understanding and compassion, rather than run the risk of not feeling good or feeling misunderstood, and that’s writing, sometimes you make sense, and when you don’t it can be so obvious to the reader that they wind up thinking there is something wrong with you. That cannot be taken back, hurtful words, and sometimes you are what you remember, so when people finally come to their senses be in appreciation of that , when things start going right, and don’t forget the times, we are all just coming out of COVID, going back to work, applying for jobs, going back to AA, interested in dating again, talking to people again, looking forward to seeing people interacting with people, and be mindful of what time has passed, it was a struggle for everyone, and just like everyone was day to day, so was I, lets not fill that space up with resentments, or anything shocking, which Im sure is the cause for my head not feeling good or anyone else, who doesn’t have the patience to be shocked with any images or information that doesn’t make sense, how can someone be controlled, how can someone be made to look stupid, so think if it was not something I was working towards in life, love and job, or career, then it will not be something that will make me feel good if presented as does not recognize what I have to be fortunate about, which is sometimes how loving relationships go sour, someone wanting to be remembered in the positive who then does not make you feel good, and there is nothing that can be done to make things go right, when things are not going right with a specific person who you later do not feel good by, which cannot be justified by my condition changing for them to recognize any strength or weakness to their argument about me, so that’s moving forward all experimentations aside. I think when you make things about other news stories, whether that’s to create a situation in someone looks like they are trying to be famous by what they look like or sound like that distaste is not always something having to do with the person like a “skinny girl” or a “vuluptuous girl,” or a “well spoken woman,” or a “successful woman,” or a “pretty woman,” or a “promiscuous woman,” or a “smart woman,” or a “singing woman,” or a “dancing woman,” you will see all women differently and there is no need to create #slutwalk arguments about a womans need to move forward which is not always about sex, attachments, and sexuality, it could also be about mental health, past the point of someone blending with you, you have to accept that not all people will blend who are not in acceptance of one another, so whether it’s the age or the face or the state, that doesn’t matter, what does matter is how well people are doing independent of one another and that’s what counts, not to create sickness in the event that two people don’t get along, get everyone to side with them, for or against me, in favor of them just to feel supported, and to create a sickness in me that is not understood, so that anyone is made to think that intelligence or self-betterment is some imagined state of wellness, there is no such thing as an imagined state of wellness, not by money, job, or person in love with, it will be how you are feeling based on what outcomes future have the potential for you, either losing that potential, or gaining a potential, which is why some relationships don’t work out. If someone is going up you can either support them or you can not recognize them as having improved and like everyone who is a human being on earth we can all go down if we seem like our choices and focus are on the wrong things in life, I have always been driven by marriage goals and that will not change, and its not by job that you are selected its by health and wellness. 

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