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Originally Published 06-23-22

To be written at #laxcourthouse protesting a recent situation being harassed by someone pretending to be #toddspitzer and a publicist I don’t need love from random people who are important in other worlds. I’ve had a good life and met wonderful people. I don’t need to be exposed made to look stupid and be made fun of for being half Asian and because I grew up at OJs house. I’m not guilty I don’t need anyone I’m not the inspiration for mass shootings how dare anyone make fun of me or try to infer that I’m schizophrenic of some kind of Marilyn Manson joke that’s not what Kim Kardashian meant I wrote an article in Level 21 Magazine about body positivity about obesity and being fat as someone who is fat and obese I can relate to the changed standards and how mentally devastating it is to grow up bigger than others.

This is not fair this is not my fault and this is not my doing and I don’t deserve to be threatened. Then take it to court or come to California and take it to court and say it to my face, I’m not scared of anyone. If you’re trying to kill me then do it I’m not afraid of dying. I’ve done my part. Stop using me as a scapegoat to your mental illness and worry I’m not keeping track of who’s making fun of who to prove why fires existed because of any burning I don’t trash myself or others and I don’t deserve to be treated as trash. If this continues I can jump onto PCH and commit suicide and you can calculate that along all the other random shit you read into as code I don’t need to be alive for that type of treatment when I’m popular and doing well online who is this person to hurt me. We all get love and have love and people break your heart and treat you like shit and make you feel bad about yourself to make you look guilty. I’m not code stop investigating me prying I’m FUCKING TRANSPARENT I don’t give a fuck who reads what or sees what take it all to court! For all I care! #stopsuicide I DONT NEED ANYONE I want to live this life make $14 an hour and blog WHY is that so fucking controversial and why do you need to know so much about me! I texted Governor Abbot we talked and I call FBI if they have a problem with my deductions and reports they can take me to court if I’m not helping!

Going to #laxcourthouse now. 👍

#stopsuicide – I don’t need help from anyone! I know the difference between wrong and right.

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