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Composure and Confidence …

What is quiet composure and how is silence achieved, it’s during moments of peace we think best unaffected by others. How to be yourself in spite of what others think, that takes maturity. You don’t need to live a purpose driven life but always have some purpose in life. Greater than yourself? Look up to someone at least who’s above you leadership wise. Upon what foundations is our best achieved, those who’ve been here longer would know. Never give up in the pursuit of anything that sets your heart free whether that be love, career, fitness, beauty, or social endeavors, the skies the limit when it comes to acceptances, just make sure to keep all your marbles together. What is it that we feel when we get something we want we’ve been working towards and still not happy with ourselves is that the goal of others to prove you’re unappreciative and that self harm is the result of a lack of appreciation for what you have in life or are you a product of what you’re able to achieve in life and that others don’t think you deserve to be well and achieve in life, who’s fault is that then? Always do your best, never give up, and don’t let what anyone thinks interfere with your happiness and ability to stay happy, no ones non-acceptance of you should cause you to self-harm or cause you suicide. Learn to let go, resist the urge to self-harm, always be a lady in public, and if you’re not supposed to drink or do drugs then don’t drink or do drugs, stay positive!

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