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If to prove illness, you mimic the illnesses of others, to test for the transferability of those feelings to others, would be trying to manipulate the condition of others to match your own. Who’s illness does that resolve? Your own inclinations? Never experiment with the good health of others, know your place in life, not be experimental with others without their approvals or written consent in life. If you’re ill to prove youre illness was caused by the illnesses expressed by others that would be an unauthorized practice of medicine upon the well being of those who have recovered from illness (ie suicide or hospitalizations) and are now doing better, symptoms lessen with meds they don’t go away, the same may be true for those in recovery. To the addict or alcoholic mental health issues are by a switch, turned on or off, some physiological symptoms experienced go away over time, however not everyone recovers from mental health issues at the same time or by the same paces in life. Why your physical health is so important, to stay fit is not just for looks, that’s not avoidance using strength in one area of life to cure a weakness or disability in another area of your life. Be patient striving for “progress not perfection.” By my own experiences in life, I can relate to those who suffer from physical ailments (an everyday runner & blogger in recovery on different prescribed meds I’ve had my share of bad days in pain) even if symptoms don’t go away even if your thinking is re-triggered sending you to the same negative space in life, you can overcome those feelings quicker without the use of substances or alcohol to cure those feelings from occurring, don’t also play Doctor on yourself in life without advice guidance supervision & direction. Sometimes it happens that symptoms related to your prior condition not current exposures, occur again maybe not to your own knowledge have been triggered by others (learn to trust your environment and those helping you, sometimes we cannot see what others see in ya, progress wise, or realize when we are doing better and why) -not all are paranoid or concerned with how they’re being treated spoken to or about or concerned with who they are being exposed to, if we could all live blindly with positive outlook that would be best, but some of us grow to rely on hyper vigilance to avoid people or feelings in life, who are not to be trusted. Be wary of your choice words online and when around others in therapeutic settings if it’s not “experience, strength, and hope” then don’t share it, that’s the A.A. way. I’ve been in and out of A.A. since 2011, first getting sober 2003, then again 2006, then again 2011, and now I think I’m here to stay indefinitely just as I will be on meds indefinitely upon asking my psychiatrist he said that was case. So be it. Eventually you have to accept yourself and whatever conditions pass through you like the common cold have faith that those feelings will pass, if we normalized bipolar and created a DayQuil then that would be doing a disservice to the social and environmental well being off all, it’s not anyone’s right to know the diagnoses of others that’s your right to privacy. Acknowledge how far you’ve come … just because you’re ready to help others doesn’t mean you’re fit for the part, some things go straight to your head once you get better you’re strong but like everyone else only human know your limits in life, you can only convince yourself of so many things before you fall apart, we are all susceptible to falling apart upon losses take from it what you can (ie your experiences in life) and do your best to mend what parts of you stay in tact upon suffering those losses in life (ie loss of confidence, self esteem, image, bravamente, ability, cool, emotional well being, success …) it all lies upon maintaining a sense of gratitude for others, recognition of your own self worth presently and a willingness to give up old ways of thinking that brought you to your bottoms in life and ready to make progress trusting your mind and best decision making practices with the best practices and advices given to you by others as a means to help or assist you during times of need, no advices are perfect, no people are perfect, we all do our best to live responsibly, appreciative of one another’s gifts in life, if only the world thought the same or felt the same way about you as you see potential within yourself, don’t expect kindness and change from others to make you feel better, change comes first from within. Never give up. Sober 90 days (Nov 4th) (Original Sober Date: 04/02/17 w/2 relapses drank 4 beers total).

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