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Looking the Part …

It doesn’t matter how long it takes you to figure yourself out and what makes you beautiful, have patience. Less is more, less explaining of where you’ve been, and spending more time perfecting who you are at the moment. Life’s not perfect, and we won’t always look the part but that doesn’t mean quit all together and stop trying in any one particular arena in life. The sooner you become convinced you don’t deserve what you have in life being negative the sooner others become convinced that they deserve more and to be better than you more well off in life, including having what you have and having more to life than what left to you to care about, yourself. [It’s your loss not due to what others need or want in life. Never assume that others take from you what you think you deserve to have in life]. The longer you sit with yourself the more you should care [about yourself even the opinions of others that may chime in], the more you allow others to affect how you see yourself the more you enable others to justify taking from you what you’ve earned for yourself that is respect, trust, and love all things we value but not qualities or traits that come easy to most, not even the most likable people feel loved if they do not love themselves. [Let go of your fears, and allow friendship to occur and trust to evolve]. [Youre no the only one who gets subjected to rejections in life we all face losses in life beginning any new relationship]. It’s for the same reasons when we think we are doing well, corrected, that we fail -no setback or hurdle in life should change you unless you allow what others think to manifest within that internalize their own distaste for you and inward become bothered being in your own skin that’s not how to live life by the standards of others, one should have high standards of themselves that no matter what anyone thinks immune from their displeasures with your performances in life, no one is expected to represent anyone but themselves in life but no one is expected to bring anyone else down in life if they are not doing well themselves that’s why people take space from those who are not well to give them time to figure out how to be happy on their own without relying on acceptances and approvals from others to know whether they are on point or doing well in life sometimes you are all you have what’s normal to you? Everyone’s different in terms of their expectations of themselves. The worst thing that could happen is walking into a room everyone knowing something about you that you don’t -that’s an opinion of you you can’t correct or be notified of if and when that opinion of you changes it’s never wise to assume to what others know about you beyond what you tell them and it’s completely normal to wonder why everything feels negative toward you even when you’re at your best, those judgments of you you can’t change no matter how things present themselves in the public eye. Beauty comes from within, not all those who deserve to shine shine and not all those who deserve to be loved are loved unconditionally not if enough people think negatively of you and that’s the point of blame which cannot be reversed toward a woman as assuming that position on her own merits to her own faults in life, even if upon reaching a sober state of mind, no one deserves to be publicly humiliated made to look stupid and acceptably devalued by society’s standards, let people blossom no one needs others to help them blossom in life that’s something you achieve on your own by your own talents feel good about oneself and shine that’s allowing others to grow at their own paces in life not expecting them to jump through hoops and hurdles to meet your expectations of wellness in life or fix whatever popularity standards of achievement are less than acceptable by your standards that’s not an accurate measure of wellness or beauty what people think, nor is the number of friends you have important to making friends and finding a mate, careers important your healths important. What does beauty mean to you? Is beauty for finding matches in life or is beauty for purposes of feeling good? And if beauty makes one feel good about themselves then does the happiness of others get reinforced by each ones recognition of their own beauty? Some would think so. Just don’t go looking for reassurances in life as to your own sense of beauty, it’s not based on a point system of how many are attracted to you, that’s not always a precursor to who is beautiful? If you can’t see the beauty in them it’s not necessary to express that grievance out loud that just because one is confident does not mean that one has identified as being beautiful and should therefore be corrected if one does not think they are beautiful. For someone like me no matter how well I am no matter how smart I get no matter who I date I will never be good enough and add together others grievances toward me as not being their type or considered beautiful or worthy of marriage and kids don’t hurt their ability to if in the future find someone who is happy with the way they are that’s love seeing the beauty in someone and now as an example seeing the beauty in someone in spite of what others think, no one wants to be that person. If you can only be yourself then what do you need to do to feel good about yourself no matter what anyone else thinks -be a good person, follow the law, go to work, work hard, be honest, do your best, there are many things to do besides wear makeup to prove you’re beautiful and worth it the standards of beauty always seem to change to include the best and exclude those who wish to have it all but have not yet been able to maintain a long term relationship -however all beautiful women have one thing in common: they’re healthy, they have friends, they don’t complain, they’re loyal, they don’t gamble with their health or the good health of others, they represent their companions well, they have careers, and they’re role models to others women without needing to compete with other women for positive attentions from others, that’s beauty.

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