Tu Mambo Tambien …

Whether you speak Spanish or not you’ve heard the word Mambo, a song, a dance is your first interpretation then as applied to a heading in regards to something I’m writing about inferred as to be about myself or others or to draw a relationship between words used by me or by others to designate one side or the other in the wrong with intent to create circumstances related to misinterpretation of those words as it relates to my health or the health of others, to then designate in defense as though a word mentioned is because one relates and because a word is being used it’s to be used to interpret as in conjunction with that persons life as though a word is being used to describe ones present condition past condition or previous interpretation of events and conversations that’s wrong to assume that any word not used in a sexual way is intended to be used to promote highlight or describe the words of others as with the intent to cause inference in the negative toward a person or a group of people who are sought to be described under a heading thought to be about or related to their interactions with you much that is written about life is to understand life not to understand the past or others presently accepting of us who we have no negative feelings toward it’s unfortunate that if you ever question the prerogative of others not allowing them to treat you like they think you should be treated to see if you play along to designate you as an offender or someone who plays along with a crowd plays to a crowd or like others who have been violent in the past as though seeking attentions in life to be ignored or highlight the lives of anyone who’s attentions have been taken away or to cause someone to feel uncomfortable and once they feel uncomfortable become symptomatic to prove that provocativeness causes misinterpretation and when professionalism is expected that provocativeness catches one off guard and can be interpreted as insult thought deserved. Then why be nice to someone who has suffered cause suffering to what extent is that thought deserved to what crowds do you seek to please and for what purposes be so unforgiving of someone’s ability to interpret adapt and get comfortable among new people that you become whatever toward them. -In most cases care, always be the bigger person, it’s okay to set boundaries but stated in a cordial way thoughtfully stay calm accept everyone as they are and interpret less of what you hear in the negative the more you have to try to think or try to understand or cannot relate the less listening you are doing as you are supposed to the less you understand the value of sharing which is to merely be a sounding board to others who is not judgmental caring cautious and compassionate about their health in the presence of others and that the good health of those they do not understand matters more than trying to prove the existence of a “Mambo” discussion of the issues you think is inappropriate to relate to especially if it’s purposefully intended to be words picked in reference to you, if you don’t identify exit, if you care be compassionate, but what you hear if not directed towards you is not intended for you unless you claim to be affected by those words being used to describe their own condition not yours. It’s what’s inside that counts, no one can read your insides, no one can read your mind. My Attorney taught me that. If I dressed up as San Vicente to the Waldorf I would be equally insulting as though an establishment was built for the purposes of attacking the good character of others or be art for understanding concepts not stated. It’s a hotel not a joke. #bemindful of who is being liked and subjected to watching … #stopbullying

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