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Ignoring Voices …

The point at which you hear voices is the point at which to call your care provider and ask for help whether that be the LAPD, your boyfriend, your Doctor, a hotline, 911, or call the Court House to which you belong. -Sharing your mental health issues out loud, how you have overcome those issues, and what set backs you currently face in terms of your recovery is different than it is for those in sobriety, and those who do suffer from mental health issues should be held to a different standard of expectation of them, speaking wise, and appearance wise. Why appropriate for others to disclose how they are feeling, with open arms, but at the same token another cannot express grievances, and upon complaining, treated as though in need of help, when in need of rest, or in need of alone time, when other demands are required of them performance wise, its not necessary to rise toward any occasion of silence, or turmoil, and play hero, thats not what defines leadership or people who serve as examples to others, who on the outside looking in wonder what they are going through, what harms they have suffered, and then point blames at you, as having disclosed that you are hearing voices, that causes suicide, in good health, thats not a team effort, wellness, thats not in partnerships, a good life, thats not in cohorts, and success thats not always by hard work, but by perseverance, and in spite of incredible odds against them, they still are able to achieve a sense of normal in their lives, without disrupting the wellness of others. Thats not by who you know, thats by what you dont know, not falling prey to the ideologies of those who suffer from their negative judgments toward you, not in acceptance of your condition, and not in acceptance of blames should you commit suicide, no one is to blame when someone commits suicide, and no Im not committing suicide as example, its 2019, Ive worked too hard to live this life, and no Im not being dramatic, and no I do not need help or attention from anyone. Sometimes simple peace and quiet and to be left alone, does the job, healing is a process, and sometimes you have to learn how to leave people alone, if someone is tired, you cannot pry into their lives, and judge them for every post, just because you think theyre well known or trying to be famous, whether they can handle fame, or being critiqued on a daily basis, why hurt someone and subject them to unreasonable hardship in life, based upon what ifs they become famous, and experiment with their wellness whether by your simulations in life, theyre able to stay well, to choose whether to promote, or to care for someone. Whats the dignity in that, human dignity, how is that humane, to place values on people, based upon how the look, appear, speak, and based on the social skills, whether they shine brighter than the rest, able to adjust their setting continuously, to negativity, no one has that strength in life, not even those who are diagnosed as schizophrenic, and no its not advantageous to hurt me with voices, to prove that if schizophrenic, and thinks one is schizophrenic that one is of harm to others, than thats why I stay home, and thats why I dont go to work, and thats why I go to school online, dont expect me to defend anyone like me, thats not my job nor my responsibility to care about anyones personals struggles with violence and anger, which is not my own issue, just like you dont want to hear my story, I dont want to hear their story. And just like you feel affected by me if I commit suicide, I feel affected by you thinking Im mentally ill and schizophrenic and of harm to others, that means that you dont understand my condition, treat me as human, that means that you think its okay to hurt me, until I lose my sense of self, reasonableness, calm, poised demeanor, functioning and achieving in life, that means that you dont care about my health. And once it gets to that point, I call 911 instead of committing suicide, because its not worth self-harming for more than 3 years to return or resume any socializations with any groups stronger without me, stronger in unison toward me, stronger as discussed without me present, for those reasons Im not ending my life as left out. Leave me alone. When Im ready I will blog, when Im in a positive mood, be understanding that those who have mental health issues are symptomatic, I am someone who does not express those grievances out loud, because Im used to handling my emotions on my own, without help from others, Im an adult, Im smart, Im educated, I am to provide for myself, with or without help from others. I do not need any special aide or education to help me function and adapt to the times, its building greater understanding of those who have overcome suicide, and allowing them to live life, whether you think they deserve to be known to write and be known to write and to share and help others achieve a sense of normal, thats not to include make people feel apart of any sickness in life, Id rather be dead. Dont go on accusing me of bearing illnesses not had, or trigger me until symptoms occur that make it easy to provoke me into discussions that make me appear emotional or trying to justify ending my life as though Id convince anyone of the same, just because its in the news doesnt mean that Im experiencing symptoms of suicide. Dont provoke me to suicide, by hurting me until I become negative so that you can be quiet, letting others win shows that I have compassion and that Im selfless.

West LA – The Los Angeles Police Department, Phone
#stopsuicide, ignore voices, call your doctor, voices means call 911, like me. 

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