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Under Pressure …

There are many ways to overcome the pressures related to blogging:

(1) Commit to a manageable schedule of 1-3 posts per blog per week to main your audience & grow your following.

(2) Continue to read up on what interests you so that you continue to have ideas current on issues/things to write about.

(3) When you get your first inquiry, don’t panic make sure to have ready posts to refer them to if you do not yet have any course offerings or pamphlets for them.

(4) As you become more popular, don’t change so much, the goal is consistency, there’s no need to be experimental with your audience the goal is to be a top performer online doing what you do best.

(5) Continue to join Facebook Groups and participate in group threads get to know others in your community online.

(6) Make sure to sign up for emails from your favorite blogging advice websites.

(7) You can never stop learning, and when it comes time to monetize your site make sure you’re writing from a platform that can convert your blog into a monetized blog. ie WordPress, as recommended.

(8) There are plenty of places to post for free in professional print online, for example such as the services Medium offers to bloggers, Pinterest, and Mix.

(9) Don’t be afraid to guest post blog if you’re asked to guest post blog it’s never too late to get started & join causes online writing for non-profit organizations.

(10) Have your profile logos and photos prepared, always selfie on a good day you never know when you’ll need that photo.

(11) Study your analytics & get to know your followers, it’s them after all supporting you, what are their interests?

(12) Hire a company like to distribute your posts for you, if it’s too difficult to upload content yourself.

(13) Pay for services only if you need the service otherwise do as much as you can for free & save money for things like editors and manuscript reviews.

(14) It’s okay to write without selling your audience anything the goal is to provide a service online to your followers, support, why it’s so important to continue to learn & improve your writing.

(15) Don’t worry if you don’t get likes or followers you can always eventually pay to add followers for aesthetic reasons, what’s more important is to provide quality content that’s keeps them coming back for more, genuinely interested in seeing you grow & blossom online as a writer, blogger, business, student etc.

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