The Benefits of Reading …

There are many benefits to reading words from your loved ones, one you feel connected, two less driven by selfish motives in life, and three able to check into reality with someone who enjoys being around you. If you cannot stay well it makes it difficult to maintain a loving and patient rapport with your significant other, especially when things are brand new and they are getting to know you, more trust needs to be built concerning your condition, less is more. The more you harp on what has gone wrong in your life the less things work out in your favor, if you wish to be given the same loving and honest advices in life, expect that they will expect more of you, more stability, more honesty, and a better showing of your established integrity at work. When you’re at work you show that you’re apart of society functioning doing well. If you’re not at work able to resume normal activities attend appointments and participate regularly in group discussions then you’re not deemed a good fit, it’s not about having a great personality it’s about your ability to stay well in spite of your difficulties in life, and when tested not take your frustrations in life out on others, that’s not the solution. If you’re alone you’re alone and if you’re alone they will assume it’s deserved as though there’s something defective about you why you’re relationships in the past did not work out until proven wrong. Have faith, speak up, and allow time for the dust to settle. -Whenever anyone hears something they don’t want to hear assuming it’s about them or others, they think it’s appropriate to put another in their place or offset their positive disposition in life to feel better than don’t allow anyone to affect you in the negative always stay positive whether or not things are working out for you, personally, academically, professionally, socially, or romantically. Lifes not perfect all that’s expected of you is to do your best. If for any reason you are not feeling well with a history of being suicidal the sooner they’re convinced you are the sooner they leave the sooner you become ill the sooner they question and the sooner you let go in life the sooner others let go of you, seeing you as a lost cause in life.

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