Living After Suit …

It’s not the end of the world once your reputation has been harmed it’s a very uncomfortable subject to have in public concerning your health especially if you are doing better in life now, resuming a normal schedule, exercise regularly, and able or not able to work is none of anyone’s business your path through recovery from hardships and whether you have earned your privileges back in life rightfully so. That’s negative judgments on you interfering with your outlook in life just focus on yourself. You don’t have to try that hard in life to be well liked or to have friends that’s the main lesson, always rise above, it’s true others who seek to justify you as deserving of illness or hardship make occur again by scaring you or intimidating you … is to get others to not listen to you read like or follow your blog. Who cares. It’s really not a big deal to me how many followers I have that wasn’t the point the point was to share my story and to help others.

Note: Not feeling well today, need to rest.

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  1. Sending positive vibes your way.

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