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How Far Can You Get …

Love can only get you so far in life before you wake up and realize that more work needs to get done don’t become complacent when you meet someone new that’s your time to shine and to prove to them that you’re worth it that’s how you become seen as an asset not as a liability in life. Always stay positive managing your cares maintaining a careful balance of whether it be work and school or work and boyfriend and if you have a boyfriend turned serious manage those feelings that come up trust wise be reassuring and always supportive loving that gives room to love you back sometimes you have to give a lot of love in order to receive love in life especially by those who highly value themselves as well as those they choose to have in their lives. The past is the past remember that don’t let things that didn’t work out previously to reoccur for you in life via the sharing of what has gone wrong and shed any negative light upon your ability to stay in a relationship long term monogamously or whether as polyamorous now need time to wander and make friends. Some of us grew up as one of the guys so to have lots of guy friends is normal not for the purposes of giving and receiving sexual favors. Only some are for that. -That’s not to say that love is a terrible waste of time emotionally it’s actually a very uplifting experience to find someone you adore who energized you and motivates you to better yourself someone you are naturally hyper and driven with, that’s love. Really thankful I met Ari Emanuel he’s been a blessing in disguise really raised a lot of feelings I used to have in life about my previous connections and wonder what people thought and why if ever that would interfere with my present ability to achieve the same has I not known people in life. Use your experiences in life to your advantage always that’s what makes you unique you cannot take back the past or things you’ve said wrong or undo any harm resulting from your inability to keep up with the times and achieve for whatever reasons always have compassion and stay calm be forgiving of self and others and never complain too much especially when trying to move forward, be kind always. I function better in love with a partner however get more done as single independent of one, I thought I was wasting time doting on men, when you love someone that should come easy to you you shouldn’t have to try it should just happen.

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