Sometimes I Wonder …

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Sometimes I wonder what life could’ve been like had I never decided to start blogging, then I count my blessings twice and so thankful that I stepped foot into the online arena. It’s a very intimidating process of becoming known to others. How to present yourself, what to think, how to be, how to look, so many things enter your mind that you would not ordinarily be concerned with in a regular life, but aren’t we all online today. Much about life involves embracing ourselves our lives who’s in our lives and who’s not and loving ourselves anyways. Don’t beat yourself up over comparisons in life, not having the same lifestyles as people or wanting more. For example, just because I’m not a lifestyle blogger does not mean that my life is boring or that I don’t have a life as a writer, sure there are plenty of writers who hole up and write all day if it’s your choice to be a certain way then do so, you can’t always follow one another’s lead in life, sometimes you have to work at your own pace, follow your heart, and do what’s best for you.

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