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So much about love is having our expectations met and when they are not met get upset with one another. The goal is not to build resentments in life toward Ex lovers, previous relationships, or friends, one should be free upon parting ways with someone not carry away the baggage of unhappiness that sometimes flows from disagreement and not getting along. Once a relationship is over it’s hard to go back sometimes maybe even hard to forgive, while each party plays victim to the expectations of one another, and sometimes without remorse playing victim to the conditions of one another. There has to be some middle ground, you either forgive and move on, or stay, and be friends at a later point in time. It’s your choice whether to move on or to stay in any relationship that no longer suits you. It’s okay to be forgiving but not to the extent that you get hurt subjecting yourself to even more pain or be faced with the unhappiness of another towards you know that it’s not your fault. And when one relationship doesn’t work out, that doesn’t mean that no relationships will work out, we are all worthy of being loved, it’s all a matter of finding the right matches in life. So don’t fret, you may be feeling under the weather now in solitude and away from friends and loved ones, and life may be difficult for the time being but that doesn’t mean life is over simply because one relationship is done.

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