Just Be Yourself …

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Change doesn’t require you to give up who you are in place of being a new person. You will always have to accept parts of you you like and don’t like about yourself. The goal to keep in mind, is to love yourself in spite of who you are, who you were, and begin in enjoying living your life as best you can without feeling like your life is over or unfixable and live in shame. Some make mistakes. We are not perfect. Some get upset. We all have moods. And some get angry, and lose composure. The point is know your stopping points at what point has anything become so apparently wrong with how you are living your life whether that’s weight gain, job losses, friend losses, relationship losses, that you decide to look in the mirror and figure out what it is about yourself that others are in disagreement with is it the way you look, is it your energy, is it how you dress, is it how hard you work, are you reliable, are you a flake, are you loving enough, do you demonstrate care for others, are you representing others well, are you being selfish, are you an unhappy person, do you demonstrate respect, and what can you do to have things in life without losing the things in life that make you feel whole and complete, what can be done.

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