Don’t Bully Yourself …

Half of what you think you hear are negatives you assume other people are thinking about you, stop yourself. Don’t allow those feelings to fester to full blown delusion over who you are and where you see yourself in the world. It can be a very disorienting experience in life when alone to think everyone is against you or feel like you are under attack. Remind yourself that you’re a good person, no one can hurt you, and that you will get through this. You don’t have to be ruled by those emotions … we won’t feel good some days just don’t exaggerate that feeling and justify why you don’t feel good and start making up excuses and blames. You’re only setting yourself back in life the more you assume things are worse than they really are. You will get through this, you can get through this, don’t lose faith in yourself.

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  1. Such a wonderful post! Thank you so much for posting, Leslie! As a survivor of bullying, I enjoy reading articles like yours!

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