Avoiding the Buzz …

Whenever you decide to come forward, take your time, any buzz that surrounds you is bound to be taken as insult to other or be found bothersome. Some wish never to be included in any buzz not about them or about others, without them, being incorporated into those attentions, voices, and crowd feedback, which is a general chaos that surrounds your mind an unwanted chaos that surrounds your mind when you are brought up, when things are brought up about you, or when you bring things up misunderstood by others to be about others or to purposefully cause a buzz about them or about yourself called attention. The best form of advocacy is privacy without mention of the specific relations you’ve had past or present, to not stir up any unwanted emotions within yourself or in or around others as to the platform from which you speak. Not all are tolerant of voices I’m certainly not, and not all are forgiving of your condition or being brought under any unwanted spotlights or attentions in life without you knowing it. Which is why some present themselves to the world themselves not by others be presented to the world under their lense or by their outputs feel they are being misrepresented or judged because of something you’ve said as applied to them no one knows who I’ve dated, who I’m friends with, who I was friends with, who I’ve worked for, who’s sponsored me, that’s just your paranoia being directed at me as though I’m out in the open to similar expose the lives of others as I have been exposed by others without my permission. That I would never do without having those people in my life if they are in my life means in support of me and that doesnt always mean to be included but a mention might occur with them in mind after having spoken to me. That’s not bringing someone or something up for attentions back to me, if in a caveat that deflects attentions away from the Simpson Family or Brady then that means I’m doing a good job of not highlighting their life and struggles when discussing my own issues in life separate from them and separate from anyone else in my life for that matter. Experience doesn’t always mean a combination of knowing people and sharing experiences with them that gives us knowledge to credit someone if mentioned if considered an insult is why no one from my life is mentioned to not insult them as mentioned.

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