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A Living Nightmare …

The start of anything new is unique and exciting, however harmless as it seems at the time, never forget the repercussions of opening up to someone in private. When you share your world with someone that’s a big thing, and what might have seemed special then can later turn into something else, a nightmare. We all have our sense of peace, in the privacy of our own lives feel a sense of blissful quiet, the type of quiet where there’s nothing to fear in front of us, nothing past that can catch up to us, and when right now we feel capable and in the moment. Unfortunately those moments don’t last long, and while you may be recovering and finding yourself again, the other may expect more from you. What is normal? Know your limits in life. Not all will be understanding of our disabilities or mental health issues. You can’t be open to most that’s the main lesson, especially not to anyone who is judging you based upon what you are saying or what you look like. We all come out of messes at different points in our lives sometimes with the help of others and sometimes on our own realize our self-worth again. Don’t be too experimental with your health. Today we can video and photo our journeys but think is this something I’d want to share with everyone? Don’t be so compulsive to record each moment of your recovery, allow yourself some privacy too during the many stages of your personal growth and recovery. You never know who may be capitalizing on your weaknesses and openness in life and for worse share all that you’ve been through and impede on your current progress now. That’s the price you pay for having pen pals and sharing in private what could otherwise be shared in public.


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