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This is something you think about in your 30s, and if you’re lucky get picked in your 20s, if single super sensitive to the opinions of others based upon your status in life, single or taken, take pride in yourself. If anyone is not attracted to what you have to offer the world because of how you look or because of how much money you do or do not have, then they’re not worth your time either. It doesn’t matter how many people know you, you’d think the more people that know you means the more likeable you are, when actually it adds an intimidating quality about you to be known or popular, that most shy away from, or upon knowing you not see you as special, or be attracted to you. Attraction is based upon newness, someone who is new, or who received positive recommendations in life, we value that’s just the system of care when it comes to dating and jobs and that’s how someone views your potential based on who knew you and what they thought think the same as people from your past life. It’s all about hierarchy if you’re not socializing with the elite that doesn’t mean even if you feel the same as others that they won’t judge you as though their the elite above you. That’s just how people are. It shouldn’t matter if you’re not important to others what should matter more is being important to you. No one can normalize your feelings when you feel shot, embarrassed, and lose the wind in your sails. Life’s all about image. And the minute you get put down in life is the minute another steps into the energy of what made you shine, your wellness, being yourself. If you’re ever in a position in life where no matter who you meet everyone looks better than you it’s because you are not empathized with, not understood, and anyone who enters your life and later grows displeased with you or your condition and expects you to be a certain way, will hurt you the same, while you’re left trying to leave things amicable and when you stop trying, is the minute they become the bigger person and make you look like a waste of space in life or the emotional one. If you’re better than me then be better than me but don’t make fun of me online to the world because you think I don’t deserve love, or positive feedback, or respect and deserve to be made to look stupid, as though I love people who don’t love me. Or come on to people in real life as though I think I’m attractive as though that’s how I am noticed by looks or because of my body type. That’s not how I am respected or valued I’ve never been pretty and have never been skinny, only once in my life.


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