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After getting myself worked up the past few days it’s time to take a step back. Thinking instead what good will this serve me to continue on getting flustered and speaking off topic, about things so personal even I cringe to hear myself speak. That’s only doing myself a disservice in life to talk about my private life or personal choices in life, some things aren’t for the public to decide. Life is best observed upon wellness and in times of sickness weighing I’m sure for anyone to hear what’s going on with you, what’s bothering you. That’s not helpful at all. Not all things were meant for public discussion. No one ever imagines that anyone they let into their lives has the capacity to ruin our lives, as naive as I might be, I never really thought that anyone would try to destroy me, and all the progress I’ve made, I guess that’s the price for sharing your heart out loud, toyed with, manipulated, and when not sharp, taken advantage of, and made to look bad in public. Some people only care about themselves willing to go to extreme lengths to cast a negative light over an otherwise inspiring a beautiful life lived. I may have endured difficulties but mostly just mental health issues things I felt were happening that weren’t happening, however this time someone is actually hurting me, and it’s not just imagined. I was better off writing and living a quiet life not connecting with anyone and as a consequence for letting someone into my life I’ve been hurt in the process of growing out of my troubles in life. This will take time to process. The main goal is to be immune from controversy, to not allow myself to be manipulated and destroyed by anyone, and not work to please another at the expense of my own happiness and pride.


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